Apple issues second public beta of macOS 10.12.2

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Apple on Wednesday released a second public beta of macOS 10.12.2, refining the update's fixes and features for people wanting the earliest possible access.

The software is available to anyone in Apple's Beta Software Program. People signed up for it should be able to download it through the Mac App Store's Updates tab.

The original 10.12.2 public beta was released about a week ago. So far it's not clear what if any changes have been made, whether in the public or recent developer seeds.

As a whole, though, 10.12.2 is mostly a maintenance release. The only feature addition of note is new and redrawn emoji, conforming to Unicode 9.0 and matching the character sets in iOS 10.2 and watchOS 3.1.1.

Separately, Apple has released a new build of the iOS 10.1.1 update, 14B150. The original build, 14B100, emerged on Oct. 31, and it's unknown what if anything has been tweaked -- 14B150 can't be downloaded if a person already has 10.1.1 installed.


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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 9,715member
    Interesting that the same commenters who rail against Apple’s perceived ignoring of the Mac can’t seem to comment about the OS that runs on those orphaned Macs. This article has been sitting here some time ands no one chose to say a word.
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    After uploading and installing 10.12.2  I lost use of my Bluetooth on my iMac 2015.  There was a thunderbolt through the Bluetooth icon and the menu indicated that Bluetooth was not available.  I tried various fixes including the deletion of the Bluetooth prefs in Library Folder and restarting with shift-control-option pressed. No success. I am now reloading 10.12.1 and hoping to regain use of my bluetooth keyboard and mouse.   Any thoughts or suggestions?  I sent a report to Apple.

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    ...can anyone confirm a way to turn off the auto-scanning/indexing of ALL images in Photos in Sierra, ie. can turning off Spotlight stop this ? I also just found several iOS iCloud services had been turned on on my iPad (recently upgraded), such as iCloud Drive & Home - I know I would never, ever have knowingly turned these on by choice...?
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