iPad refresh rumored for March, featuring both iPad Pro models plus 10.9-inch size



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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,524member
    entropys said:
    I am more than ready to update my ipad 4, but really, missing Christmas? We face yet another two quarters of doom and gloom of declining ipad sales before a new ipad.  Seems someone might have been too busy involving themselves in politics to approve urgent R&D projects.
    Hey, you're probably right, he must have forgotten to call LG to order the new screens. How do you manage to be so brilliant? You should be Tim's right hand man,
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    iMac? Any rumors on the iMac?
    tallest skil
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,686member

    Not sure why you would have a 10.9 and a 9.7 fitting within the same physical form factor.
    9.7" might be new Air: new proc, improved screen, iPad mini 4 camera.

    10.9" might be new Pro: 4 mics, 4 speakers, TrueTone, 12 MP, pro proc, Smart Connector, bezel-less, Pencil support.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,686member
    apple ][ said:
    Sounds good to me.

    I can wait until March to buy an iPad Pro. 

    The only thing that seems strange is if they make a bezelless 10.9 model, then why don't they make a bezelless 12.9 model?
    Perhaps a larger bezel-less model won't be ready until later in 2017 or 2018. May be best to field one in the market before adding the second.
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    The A9X is great in the iPad Pro, so if they come out with an A10X for the new models...whew, the performance level on that could be pretty crazy.
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    I think Apple needs to invest in some serious money into a brace of apps that do good photo editing (like pixelmator) drawing art apps, and office.  Make them seamless with photoshop, office etc. Make it effortless to print and transfer large files.

    I don't think Apple themselves needs to do that (or wants to do that). For example, Affinity is going to release an iOS version of Affinity Photo that contains all of the same features and functionality as the desktop version. That's a very well regarded Photoshop alternative, and I think it's actually more healthy for software development in general (and also users) if you have viable alternatives to what Adobe produces. 
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    Boo! I want Mini Pro with quad speakers! This is the best gaming device I've ever had!
    And it would be nice to use Pencil with it too.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,912member
    The A9X is great in the iPad Pro, so if they come out with an A10X for the new models...whew, the performance level on that could be pretty crazy.
    Just imagine if they wait for 10nm chips from TSMC.  You will literally have laptop performance
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    "Also reiterating previous rumors, Barclays claims that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will not be a premium model, despite it's "pro" nomenclature, and be "low-cost" sold aside the 7.9-inch iPad mini. If the reports are accurate, the iPad mini will not see improvements in early 2017, despite some earlier rumors from October suggesting otherwise."

    I have to admit, I'm not sure I like this.  The iPad Mini is still on the A8, while the current iDevices are all A10, or going to A10.  If the A8 had native hardware support for HEVC, then I wouldn't have such an issue.  Since it doesn't, I feel that they need to, at the very least, upgrade it to the A9, (preferably a better more comprehensive update) so that they are seeding the field with HEVC ready devices, for when they roll out HEVC/4K iTunes.
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    When will Apple wise up and bring full OS to these iPads? 

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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,801member
    When will Apple wise up and bring full OS to these iPads? 

    They are. It won't ever be a mouse-based macOS, but they're adding capabilities all the time. 
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    Hope 3D touch is comng too, no rumours of this yet though
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    The current 9.7" Pro only has the 16 nm A9X and limited 2GB RAM!  Wish they double it to 4GB, to future proof it like the 12.9" size!  That the major weakness in the smaller size Pro iPad!  I might return it for that!
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    Hey I am Luke .
     I have a question :  I have my iPad Air 2 for almost 2 years, it is working fine with IOS 10.
    If the new iPads come in march , should I upgrade my iPad ? 

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