Apple-authorized reseller in Czech Republic expects AirPods to be available in December

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Announced back in September, Apple's completely wireless AirPods still do not have a concrete shipping date, though one international reseller claims they won't arrive this month, instead becoming available in December.

The Czech Republic's largest online retailer -- and authorized Apple reseller --? have updated their listing for Apple AirPods to state that the earbuds are expected to ship in December. The advertised date was first spotted by local Apple enthusiast site Letem svetem Applem.

The expected date aligns with AppleInsider's own sources, who said earlier this month that the AirPods remain on track to debut before the end of 2016. Those comments were made specifically to refute supply chain rumors that the hotly anticipated product had been pushed back to next year.

Of course, even if the Czech Republic date listed is accurate, it's possible that Apple could begin selling AirPods directly to consumers sooner than it makes units available to resellers, potentially allowing for a November launch through Apple directly.

Apple's own website simply lists the $159 accessory as "unavailable."

At Apple's own retail stores, demo units have been received in many locations, and employees have been trained on how the upcoming product works. One source said there was "no way" the AirPods would be pushed back to January.

Apple's AirPods, Powerbeats 3, Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones all feature a the Apple-designed W1 chip that makes it easier to pair with multiple Apple devices. In addition to the W1, AirPods also include beam-forming microphones, accelerometers, infrared sensors, and a small charging and carrying case that will provide more power on the go as well as the mechanism to sync with the iPhone 7.


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    The only thing that's sure is that Apple won't miss the Xmas buying season unless the pods are unsellable. Since many in the media have been using them without problems, I doubt that's the case. Might be smart to at least announce the date before Black Friday so folks can leave a place on their list for them. 
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    sog35 said:
    Come on Apple!

    My $175 in my wallet is ready!
    Agreed....this is such a no brainier Christmas gift that they have to release it.
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,789member
    Whatever.  I can wait.


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    jkichlinejkichline Posts: 1,369member
    I think they just ran into manufacturing hiccups. Those things are insanely small and there's pretty high tolerances. Think Apple Pencil but on a much more massive scale and market demand.
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    If the Czech reseller quoted in the article is reliable, then Apple must have an almost-set-in-stone schedule for AirPods to go on sale. If any uncertainty remained about production or inventories, a retailer in the Czech Republic would not have been receiving news (indirectly) from Apple. The unnamed, widely-quoted inside source at Apple who says that AirPods will definitely hit the market before the end of the year provides more assurances we wouldn't hear unless definite plans had been made to begin shipping product. With the new MacBook Pro, for example, very few Apple Stores know how many units they will receive, or when they will arrive. Apple does not feed false hopes.

    As others have noted, all signs point to a key AirPod component (such as the W1 processor) being available only in limited supply, and not nearly enough to satisfy millions of iPhone owners. While inventory of the component builds, a limited number are evidently being channeled to Beats, where premium pricing is the rule. Early availability also creates a positive buzz for Beats, for gaining access to the latest wireless earphone/headphone technology.

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    hope they make them in black too... a bit more subdued .
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    Tom8999Tom8999 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member are liars. At any price is trying to sell. Even selling the MacBook Air 2016. That's bullshit.
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