Apple announces free Hour of Code workshops between Dec. 5 & 11

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Apple on Thursday opened up registrations for its free 2016 Hour of Code workshops, which will take place between Dec. 5 and 11 at Apple stores worldwide.

Each workshop will teach some of the basics of programming, making use of tutorials from The organization works to foster programming education, and has partnered with various other groups and businesses on Hour of Code initiatives.

This year "many" Apple stores will also be incorporating Swift Playgrounds, the company's new iPad app designed to introduce children and adults to programming in Swift. The app is getting a special Hour of Code challenge, plus a new set of lessons accompanied by a teacher guide.

Separately, Apple noted that it is offering tools and resources for extending Hour of Code into schools and community centers, such as a guide with lesson and activity ideas, and Swift Playgrounds-related updates for its Apple Teacher learning program.

Apple has participated in Hour of Code since 2013. In fact, despite launching registrations, the official workshop page currently makes no mention of them and is still highlighting 2015 efforts.


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    technotechno Posts: 735member
    These courses were canceled in Quebec this summer because they did not have a French version of the app used for the class. Stupid language laws here!
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    This is typical of Apple under Tim Cook!

    Free? FREE??

    What the hell is he thinking? 

    99.9999999999% of those kids get pocket money. That means they can PAY for the courses.
    Instead, thanks to Cook, the money for this is going to come directly out of the shareholders' pockets. 

    I'm sick I tell you! Sick of Tim Cook and his gay social activities ruining my portfolio. If he can't focus on Apple then he needs to run for president of the universe or something.

    Well, i'm going to hang on to my four shares, because next year Cook will be gone and the Apple share price is going to hit $747390430076207209483209842371270697277746368098575746263775737373626266277737379929292373737229929191919 and with the money I make I'm gonna buy a clue! 


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    ben20ben20 Posts: 126member
    The parents shop at Apple while the kids take the lesson. Smart move. Just bought a iMac Retina after one of those. Was a great time to test and compare all the different models at the store in peace and without sales pressure.
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