AppleInsider podcast talks MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the meaning of 'Pro,' and iPhone news

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Dan discuss Dan's MacBook Pro review, MacBook Pros, what happens when Siri becomes a chatbot in Messages, and the latest in iPhone news and rumors.

AppleInsider editors Daniel Eran Dilger and Victor Marks wrap up the controversy over MacBook Pro:
  • Dan's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar review
  • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is available in a limited number of Apple Stores
  • Apple instituting a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus with 'touch disease'
  • BeatsX with W1 chip to be available on Dec. 16
  • Fnac claims Airpods will ship Nov. 30
  • 'iPhone 2017' to have a 5.1 or 5.2 inch, display adding a new size to the existing lineup
  • 'iPhone 2018' to be the year of the dual lens camera reaching market saturation
  • Apple uploading iPhone call logs to iCloud
  • Siri becoms a chatbot participant in Messages
  • Apple Automation guru Sal Sogohoian leaves Apple
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    As were many others, I was shocked to see that Sal is gone from Apple. That seems inconceivable. He seems synonymous with Apple. 

    Regarding Apple and Pro products, Apple should continue to support the Pro products (hardware and software) strongly. I don't care if they never appear in a keynote. I'm happy if the keynotes talk about colors of iPhones, and the thinness of the laptops and how good the cameras are. But in the background Apple should keep supporting the Pro users. 

    I say so because this is good for Apple. In a way, the technology beneath the surface of the iPhone grew out of Apple's history of work with pro users. Think of Steve's appreciation for fonts leading to on screen typography for OS X and the need to do color correction properly, and the need to be precise about positioning characters and graphics on screen. There is always the temptation to keep the hot product and let the others slide. iPhone and iOS sell in huge numbers but the things they will need to do tomorrow will likely grow out of the technologies used by smaller numbers of people, the pros.

    Linch pins are not very pretty nor do they generate profits but they are important.
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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member

    I'd be okay with an edge to edge display for the Macbook Pro if Apple gives us the ability* to add a black** border via the system preferences panel. And why not? … You should have the option to have the *Macbook Pro* written on the bottom, or not  ;)

    This would be great for the iPad as well.


    (*) It should be called the focus mode.

    (**) You'd have the ability to choose between a black, white or silver border. A bit like in Adobe.

    edited November 2016
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