Drake lip syncs to Taylor Swift, pumps iron in new Apple Music ad



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    Why is Apple so god damn big on Drake? There are other artists out there that are far more popular and would serve Apple just as well. Instead of using one person to constantly promote Apple Music, why not lots of artists? Not everyone likes his music, or even his genre of music. 
     Is drake employed by Apple? I'm Pretty sure he did this for free   

    I don't care if he did it for free or $1 Million. The point is they're focusing on one person for the most part instead of trying to get every one involved across multiple genres. If someone doesn't like Drake or his style of music they're automatically turned off to any advertising involving this. Why do you think Apple did the silhouette iPod ads using all kinds of different music and artists? 
    You do realise that he was lip synching to a non-Drake song, right?  Drake doesn't sound like that.

    I don't care! Why do they keep using him for everything Apple Music? Not getting my point!
    I get your point.  It's a good one, because Drake might as well be Apple's spokesman.

    Remember that Apple ad where Drake pitched ads to Apple.

    When Drake went to the a party

    That great Drake one man and a guitar routine

    I didn't even know Drake was a proper gangster

    Or that one with Drake on a treadmill

    How about when Drake went around the whole world 

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