Boot Camp, Windows driver issue may be damaging new MacBook Pro speakers



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    It may be Apple's issue now to cover the hardware under warranty but me thinks the software issue was birthed in Windows 10 anniversary update.
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    avon b7 said:
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    Amelioration of the problem
    Somebody got out their thesaurus this morning. LOL
    What word would you have preferred? I give AI a hard time for constant typos and not proofreading, but I don't see a reason to get on their cases for utilizing an adult vocabulary.

    Not a very common word, by far. I don't know what it means, and I'm an adult.
    With all due respect: 

    Your ignorance is not the editors' problem. 
    (I knew what it meant, though.)
    Not knowing the meaning of this word in no way means you are ignorant. 
    Not knowing something is exactly what ignorant means.  It's not only ok to be a bit ignorant, it's inevitable.  Complaining about a writer using a word you don't know is less ok.  It's an opportunity to learn a new word.
    Welcome to the world of language communication, where words are just part of the story and where words may have different meanings in different contexts. Where words may have different meanings according to tone. In this case how many possible interpretations could you come up with?
    "With all due respect: Your ignorance is not the editors' problem."


    "the fact that you don't know a word is not the editors problem."

    Prety clear to me. Don't know why you're taking umbrage. 
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