The worst day of my Apple life



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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member

    Problem is still the transportation.

    After a few days of considering I have decided to go for a new Powerbook (667), iBook (top 12") or iMac (17"). Now I need some advice.

    1) Speed. Especially between the PB and the iMac How are they compared? To be honest I need Jaguar speed more than PS speed.

    2) Movability. I know iBook is king. But is the iMac movable enough to be moved around the house.

    3) Anything else?

    PS: how much money is there in the secret pool you are collecting behind my back?
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    sorry to hear about your mac anders. comming from a powerbook, you would want more than the ibook. (you deserve more ) nad beeing a student you really need the portability don't you? go pb.
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    I would wait for Apple to release the next PowerBook revision, and buy that. While the iBook is commensurate with your late Pismo, the PBG4 will seem like a Pismo on steroids. Once you feel the power of 1280x800 resolution, you will never want to go back, especially in Mac OS X. The iMac is more versatile than your average computer, but it's still got nothing on the mobility of a notebook.

    In normal circumstances, I would recommend buying a PowerBook right now, but we are simply so close to an update, that it would be ridiculous to pay the same amount of money in (practically) October, as some did in May.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    [quote]Originally posted by Jon Rubinstein:

    <strong>In normal circumstances, I would recommend buying a PowerBook right now, but we are simply so close to an update, that it would be ridiculous to pay the same amount of money in (practically) October, as some did in May.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I know. And I will wait. But actually money is really tight (yes I know: I´m talking about a purchase that will costs me much more than the average earth citizent make per year) so I will probably buy the 667 at a (hopefully) very reduced cost.

    Which reminds me: I have heard that university shops are selling discontinued or EOL powerbooks at very reduced costs (like &lt;2000). Can anyone patch me up with a deal like that? I might have a way of transporting it back to Denmark. I would esp. be interested if it was sold through University of California, Irvine.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    i would talk to an apple reseller about a trade-in on your pismo. You might be able to get a juicy discount. about the upgrade, with todays market there is no telling when it will come. the worst thing you can do is hang around waiting for updates when you'll be perfectly happy with what they offer you today. Trust me I've been there too much.
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    On ebay, top of the line 800s are going for incredibly low prices (like less than 2000 euros). These are stolen machines. Anyway. I was once the winner of such an auction (by chance actually: just did a bid suspecting I'd be left out at 2000, but I won at less...).

    So, the deal stunk badly, and I didn't close the dceal, never heard the guy either. So, two months later, I get an email through ebay from something like FCC or so, warning me that they are looking for this man, with respect to something shady.

    Well, the moral of this story. I do not think you'll get a titanium for less than 2000 (resellers are still charging 3000+ for old new 550s).
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    I purchased a $1299 466Mhz PowerMac G4 in late October, last year, about half-way through the life-cycle (the 733MHz low-end was released in at MWNY2001). When the new machines were introduced in January, I was extremely bitter, as the low-end model was now TWICE as POWERFUL as a machine I had purchased in just THREE MONTHS.

    I could only imagine how devastating it could be to have an update a mere month or weeks after a major computer purchase. Considering the price of Apple's PowerBooks, it indeed pays to be frugal. I don't know if you have tons of cash to burn, New, but at $2499, I'd want to make sure I got my money's worth, and I can't afford to buy on impulse, simply because I've "gotta have it now."
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    if your still using a pismo (one of my favourite machines ever), You'll be very impressed with the performance of any TiBook, but especially the new ones. An upgrade (probably not announced before october, and delivered in Yurrup in December if lucky), will probably include a slightly faster processor, a (much) better graphicscard, posibly integrated bluetooth (which will raise the price) and maybe even a superdrive (even more price driving). None of these seem crucial to Anders (who has gotten by with the exellent Pismo until now). So if it wasn't for the HUGE performance leap in the latest line i'd recomend a used on. If he needs a mac now. he'll be more than satisfied. the best reason to wait is that you'll probably get a good deal on a 800 when new models are announced.
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