Apple considering new 'flagship' store at Arizona's Scottsdale Fashion Square

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Apple is reportedly considering a new "flagship" store in the Arizona city of Scottsdale, near Phoenix, specifically in the region's popular Fashion Square mall.

Apple is one of several possible tenants for a space previously occupied by a Barney's luxury department store, the Phoenix Business Journal said. Fashion Square's owner, Macerich, claims that the mall has the second-highest profit per square foot of any mall in the U.S.

Although Apple already has a store in Scottsdale and others in the Phoenix area, Fashion Square's popularity might be tempting for the iPhone maker if it can negotiate a favorable lease.

New U.S. Apple stores have become a rare phenomenon in 2016. Though there are still coverage gaps, major U.S. cities are already well-saturated -- to meet demand, Apple has more often been relocating and/or expanding existing locations.

Apple's flagship outlets are typically larger, and sometimes feature design touches lacking in smaller ones, such as tree groves and dedicated event areas.


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    It needs one there badly but it needs to be near parking for service issues on iMacs, etc. I guess Apple could come get it, but it would mean walking all the way back to your car with them, then returning back to the store for the problem to be addressed. 

    Same issue with the Las Vegas store at  The forum shops at Caesars Palace 
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    It's funny. If you're at Fashion Square (my favorite mall in the world) and go north up Scottsdale road, you'll reach the Scottsdale Quarter Apple Store.

    If you head south from Fashion Square, you'll reach the Chandler Fashion Center Apple Store.

    If you head west down Camelback (Fashion Square is on Camelback and Scottsdale road), you'll reach the Biltmore Apple Store.

    Basically, Fashion Square is at the intersection of three Apple Stores yet it lacks one itself. It has one of the first Microsoft Stores, but no Apple Store.

    Also, the Barney's section was kind of large and occupied two floors. Would the new Apple Store fill it all?
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    I've always wondered why Apple didn't move into this mall and went up to Scottsdale Quarter instead. I assumed because Quarter was brand new and under construction at the time, they got a great deal on a corner space without having to retro-fit anything. Fashion Square is my favorite mall, as I live 10 min from there, and I'd love to see Apple take over all/part of Barneys.
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    Finally. I live 5 minutes from Fashion Square and it has puzzled me ever since I moved here 10 years ago that there wasn't an Apple Store in this mall.  As Rosyna mentioned above, there are plenty of Apple stores in the area (I can drive to 3 of them within 20 minutes), but it seems to me that having one in the Fashion Square mall should have been a priority for Apple years ago.  If you all remember correctly, it's the sight of the first of 2 Microsoft stores in the nation.  You'd think Apple would want to compete directly with them.
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    I like Apple competing with Apple better
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    jdgazjdgaz Posts: 402member
    I would like to see the in store environment improved a bit. Went into the Chandler store to buy a watch band and it took 3 apple employees to get the job done and quite a bit more time than it should have.
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