Slack adds group & individual video calls to workplace chat platform

in Mac Software
Slack on Tuesday announced the launch of video calling for its popular workplace collaboration platform, which is rolling out to Mac, Windows, and Chrome users over the next few days.

Video calls are started like audio calls, but activated by clicking on a new camera button. While all users can make individual calls, group conversations -- supporting up to 15 people -- require teams to have a paid Slack subscription.

A set of emoji responses can be used to grab attention, such as a hand symbol for asking a question, or a thumbs up to show approval. These will briefly appear over video feeds with a short sound cue.

Slack noted that teams can use third-party services to make calls through the app, and toggle call settings so that a specific service is the default.

While the Slack mobile apps can technically join video calls, they're limited to audio only. The company didn't say if or when mobile users will get to see video.
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