Weight Watchers offers 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 in new subscription program

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Weight Watchers is offering a new monthly service plan, giving a 38-millimeter Apple Watch Series 2 to subscribers to help keep track of calories burned, as well as food intake easily.

Through the new "Online Plus" promotion, users with the Apple Watch used in conjunction with an iPhone can earn points toward goals during exercise, optimize exercise time in conjunction with the heart rate sensor, and interface with the company's digital tools on the web.

Users who want to participate in the plan pay a one-time $99.95 fee, with 12 follow-on months of $34.95 billed automatically until the program is cancelled. Early cancellation requires a $304 cancellation fee, prorated depending on how far into the program the subscription is stopped.

Plans with the online tools, but without the Apple Watch come in at $242 for 13 months of service. There is no option for a 42-millimeter Apple Watch, the Nike+ edition, or a downgrade to a Series 1.

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2 at a special event in September. The wearable is aesthetically similar to its predecessor, but contains a bevy of internal improvements including a faster dual-core processor, GPS radio, brighter display, larger battery and water resistance down to 50 meters.

Pricing for the Apple Watch starts at $369 for a 38-millimeter aluminum version which is what Weight Watchers is offering, and moves up to $1,299 for the new 42-millimeter white ceramic edition.


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    mike1mike1 Posts: 1,785member
    Clearly ignoring their potential male customers. Should be able to pay the difference.
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    It is $35/month ... only $20/month after the 13 months are up.....
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    mike1 said:
    Clearly ignoring their potential male customers. Should be able to pay the difference.
    Must be because male customers are not smart enough to pay someone else to watch their weight ?   
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    This is a great promo idea. Should be many more companies who could create special apps to be sold with Apple Watches for health, fitness, and so on.
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