Apple TV adds 21 new Aerial screen savers featuring China, Dubai, Greenland, more

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As part of continued efforts to build out its tvOS platform, Apple recently added a set of new high-definition Aerial screen savers featuring stunning drone footage of exotic locales and landmarks spanning the globe.

Available online through a collection of videos scraped from Apple's servers by jailbreak developer John Coate and compiled by iDownloadBlog, the fresh Aerial screen savers show both day and night scenes filmed in China, Dubai, Greenland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Liwa in the United Arab Emirates.

Like previous Aerial screen savers, fourth-generation Apple TV models automatically download each of the 21 new clips as needed, playing them back when activity remains idle for a set period of time. Playback is synced to reflect the time of day at a user's location, a nice touch.

With the new batch of Aerial clips, Apple TVs will cycle at random through three daytime shots showing Chinese landscapes (Day 4, Day 5, Day 6), day and night shot of Dubai architecture (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Night 1, Night 2), outdoor scenes in Greenland (Day 1, Day 2, Night 1) and ethereal footage of Hong Kong's skylines (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Night 1). Footage also includes one daytime scene shot in the Liwa Oasis (Day 1), as well as both day and night footage from Los Angeles (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Night 1).

The new footage represents Apple's first update to Aerials since the feature launched with the fourth-generation Apple TV with Siri Remote last September.

Apple allows Apple TV owners to set the frequency at which new Aerial screen savers are downloaded (every day, week or month), and subsequently displayed, in the Settings app. Alternatively, users can opt out altogether by toggling the feature off.


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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,142member
    YES!!! This may seem like a non-story to many, but I got so sick and tired of the existing ones a long time ago, and was wondering why they weren't updating them. Excited to see the new ones.
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    I love these new screen savers. If you want to use these on your Mac, here are the directions:
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    Like most Apple TV owners (4th gen), my development team was so pleased with the new screen savers. We were all enraptured by the views, and the simple but captivating streams showing a bird's eye view of beautiful places around the planet really delighted us. When we were invited to an AppleTV Tech Talk in LA, we expressed our appetite for more videos.  Apple suggested we make our own app and produce more videos.

    Unwilling to wait any longer for Apple to produce more films, we took their suggestion to heart.  That started a year-long process of building an app and curating stunning films much in the style of the Apple screen savers, only with more of a focus on nature. The app we launched is called Sky Tripping (, and it is available for tvOS and iOS.  

    It has been gratifying to produce these films, and enlightening as we've learned along the way that these films of nature actually have the power to positively affect our health, much like meditation and spending time physically in nature. Most of us are nature starved, and it's difficult to deny that these films bring with them the ability to restore peace and calm when you're feeling stressed.

    I'm so happy to see that Apple has finally produced more films, as they're nothing short of extraordinary.  That said, I'm also glad they took so long to follow up with round 2, as it has given us the impetus to build our own app, something which no doubt would never have happened had Apple been more forthcoming with their additional views as originally promised. 
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    Why don't they add DVR functionality so I don't use my TiVo 90% of the time and my TV 10%? 
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    it's lame. I want to use my own photos but the TV continually resets to use these annoying videos AND when i do get it set to use my photos, it will only allow me to use the ones in shared albums. I can see all my photos from Photos on screen if I dig around, but I can only set iCloud shared albums as a screen saver. lame lame lame lame. And like I said, once I do get it set to my photos, it will eventually default back to the aerial stuff and I have to go in and do it again. sheesh.
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