FLIR upgrades One thermal imaging camera for iPhone, debuts GoPro-like drone models

in iPhone edited January 2017
Thermal imaging company FLIR has announced an improved third-generation model of its iPhone-connected One camera, a ruggedized model called the FLIR One Pro. In addition, it also announced a pair of GoPro-like cameras suitable for standalone use or drone mounting.

The updated FLIR One refines the previous model by offering a height-adjustable "OneFit" connection, making it easier to connect the accessory to an iPhone protected by a case. Another change is the price, dropping down to $199.99 from the previous model's $250 cost.

For premium users relying on thermal cameras for home improvements, contracting, and other work, FLIR also offers the One Pro model. Sturdier in construction compared to the One, but with a higher $399.99 price, the Pro uses a Lepton thermal microcamera that is four times the resolution of its stablemate, as well as MSX and VividIR processing for improved picture quality.

When connected to a mobile device, the redesigned FLIR One app will offer extra tools to use once the Pro is detected, including radiometry and the ability to measure multiple temperature spots in an image.

Both the FLIR One and FLIR One Pro will ship in the first half of 2017.

FLIR Duo stand-alone camera

To cater for drone users, the $999.99 FLIR Duo camera is a multi-sensor imaging device that uses the Lepton 160x120-resolution thermal microcamera core, a normal 1080p camera, and FLIR's MSX technology to offer thermal imaging capabilities from the air.

Pilots will be able to switch between the thermal and visible camera views during flights, or alternately a picture-in-picture mode is available, with real-time remote control of camera functions available via the FLIR UAS app. Able to be mounted to airframes that can hold an action camera, the FLIR Duo also includes a microSD slot for storing captured footage during flights.

A second model, the FLIR Duo R, is aimed at commercial users with its $1,299.99 price. Designed for agricultural, construction, building inspection, and civil engineering, the Duo R offers extra temperature measurement capabilities on top of the Duo's feature set.

The Duo and Duo R cameras are available to order immediately.
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