Twelve South shows ActionSleeve Armband for alternative Apple Watch wear location

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Accessory maker Twelve South has introduced a new mount for the Apple Watch, allowing users to strap the device to a user's upper arm, while still allowing the heart rate sensor to work.

The ActionSleeve?Armband for Apple Watch adds protection from damage to the Apple Watch while keeps all controls on the device accessible, and offering more consistent skin contact to facilitate heart rate monitoring.

The Apple Watch is inserted into the ActionSleeve through the padded bumper integral to the neoprene band. Twelve South claims that the neoprene sports band holds the Apple Watch tighter to the wearer's skin, providing more accurate heart rate tracking.

Twelve South's ActionSleeve?Armband comes in two colors, and is available now from the manufacturer, and on January 9 at retail for $29.99.


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    Rad! A new and unique way to use your Apple Watch. More accurate heart rate monitoring? Yes please.
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    elijahgelijahg Posts: 2,788member
    I doubt this helps step tracking too much. That and it'll be a weird angle if you want to use the watch to tell the time... 
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    yojimbo007yojimbo007 Posts: 1,165member
    How are the controls as accessible? One cant see the watch face where the infirmation is.
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    steveausteveau Posts: 301member
    Looks cool, but why bother? My Christmas present to myself was an Apple Watch Series 2, Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop. I exercise regularly, including gym, run, swim and obstacle races and don't need to change bands. I just loosen the band while I shower after exercise to wash away any dirt or sweat and it looks fantastic on my wrist at work. I guess it will eventually get a scratch or two, but I'm planning on upgrading every four years, so that's not a big issue.
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    This product is well worth the price. I received mine the other day and it works great. I do a lot of high intensity weight lifting and boxing and the wrist bands didn't get a good reading on my workouts. My hbms would come out lower than my normal rate and it was getting frustrating.  As soon as I saw this product come available I figured what the heck. The price point was solid and I figured it can't be any worse than the wrist straps. Turns out it's been great. Much more accurate reads and it's comfy to wear. Slide right on and strap it to your comfort level. The screen is easily accessible and the protective casing keeps it safe and secure. I definitely recommend this for anyone who has been having issues with the wrist straps during workouts. You won't be disappointed. Great for weightlifting and boxing for sure.
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