Kanex GoPlay Sidekick portable wireless game controller comes to iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2017
Accessory producer Kanex introduced the first in the GoPlay series at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday, with the GoPlay SideKick consisting of a battery-operated, pocket-sized, controller aimed at iOS game players.

MFi Certified by Apple, the GoPlay SideKick is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and will work with "thousands" of controller-supported games in the App Store.

Capable of running for up to 20 hours on a single charge, the controller can be recharged using a Lightning cable, while connectivity with devices is conducted over Bluetooth 4.0. It uses a standard controller layout, featuring dual analog joysticks, a D-pad, four pressure-sensitive action buttons, a row of LED indicators, and a menu button on the front, with triggers residing on the shoulders at the top.

For protection, Kanex includes a clamshell case for the controller, which could also be used as a temporary stand for the iPhone or iPad while a game is being played.

The Kanex GoPlay SideKick will be shipping this February, priced at $59.95.

Apple's MFi program is a paid service that provides hardware developers the hardware connectors and components that are required to manufacture iPod, iPhone, iPad, and AirPlay audio accessories. It also allows access the iPod Accessory protocol specification, the communication protocol used to interact with iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
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