Apple on track to launch three new iPads in spring 2017, but none of them mini



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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,538member
    dysamoria said:
    I really don't care. I want Apple to focus on a Mac Pro system. Now.

    Actually I do care: I want Apple to stop obsoleting existing hardware at such a rapid pace by bloating the OS at every version.
    As if Apple just focuses on one thing at a time...Its not like Apple doesn't know about the Mac Pro. I hope everyone of you buy the damn thing too whenever (if ever) it does come out. 
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    macxpress said:
    What if they lower the price of the 9.7" iPad to what the iPad mini is? They also seriously need to put the smart connector on the 9.7" regular iPad. This drops the pain in the ass thing with bluetooth keyboards. 
    What's a "regular" iPad? Just buy the model with more features to get more features.rogifan_new said:
    williamh said:
    Is end-of-life the iPad mini just an attempt to move consumers to higher-priced models? Or have consumers decided they just don't like that size? In my household, there are two minis and one regular size.  
    I'm going to say the former. That's obviously the point of the iPad Pro line. Though I'm not sure why Apple thinks the solution to what ails the iPad is making it more expensive.
    How do people like you make it through the day? If the iPad mini were a compelling offering at $399 or even $299, people would be buying it and Apple would be keeping it interesting. There is no room for alternative bullshit theories. That's the market at work, which Apple responds to.

    The rest of the tablets in the iPad mini's size range are $50 pieces of junk. Apple can't compete with that. People who don't know any better buy them, and perform their mental gymnastics to pretend like its OK that they didn't buy an iPad.
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    Steve Jobs was right about the form factor of smaller tablets. I own an iPad Mini 2 but I feel the need for a larger display, my touches don't register with the tiny close boxes. It is otherwise a great device with extreme portability and an excellent gaming toy for kids. I don't mean Apple should withdraw it but I think I'll go with a larger display when the new iPads are released.
    this.  the iPad Mini was 'lowering the pricing umbrella' tactic to keep android tablets from getting a foothold in the <$299 range.

    I see the gaming toy of the future being a $99 with contract iPhone 7+, especially with games becoming location aware.  Scary future, but it's what I see.

    And for all of you... THESE ARE RUMORS.   There could 8 different iPads shipped, or 1.   

    But let's look at the facts and reasonable fictions
    1) iPhones have gotten bigger
    2) iPhone and iPads Bezels are going to get smaller.  
           a 9.7" iPad without 1.5" of bezel  becomes an 8.5" iPad form factor
           a 5.5" iPhone without .5" of bezel becomes a 6" iPhone(iPad Mini Mini)
    3) Apple is significantly differentiating on larger (more battery, more real estate) devices.
    4) an iPad Mini4 is a zippy fast system with TouchID.   Is it plausible it become the iPad SE [just toss some cheap older iPad Pro guts at it now and again, but leave the outer shell the same]?
    5) In the post PC world, a 13" retina screen will become the optimal professional portable device (not mobile) for non-developer people.  With a small bezel, it no larger than a Letter Sized notepad.  As the puck moves forward (lighter, better battery life), I see increasing post-pc adoption.

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    steveausteveau Posts: 292member
    The iPad can be a laptop lite, or a tablet that replaces the laptop. As a laptop lite it requires hooking up a keypad and accepting the limitations of its file management system and lack of connectivity. If it is to be used as a tablet that replaces the laptop, in other words a revolutionary laptop replacement, then it needs the option of ditching the keyboard as a text input device and giving us handwriting recognition input to all apps and a better file management system. Whether the HWR requires the Apple Pen or finger is only a screen real estate issue; let each app designer make their own decision and the user can choose what suits them.
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    emgaemga Posts: 1member
    Focusing on larger iPads leaves behind a big segment of the market. One word: Handbags.... 

    I need to carry computer function with me on something larger than a phone, and I do NOT want to carry luggage. Need a powerful iPad Mini yesterday.
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    I bought the original iPad with an unlimited AT&T data plan. I still have the unlimited data plan, but I've transfered it twice so far when I upgraded to iPad minis. I love the iPad mini size. Bigger & better than an iPhone plus for surfing the web, and smaller & more portable than a 9.7" iPad for traveling. I can just slide it in my cargo pants and go. The perfect size.

    However, as an artist, I really want to use the Apple pencil and my iPad  mini 3 is beginning to show its age. If Apple doesn't release an iPad mini pro with Apple pencil support this year, I will have to switch to the rumored 10.5" bezel-less model with the same physical size of the 9.7".

    I'm bummed that it seems Apple is abandoning the mini, cause If they released a pro version of the mini, I'd buy it in a second. Oh well. 
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