Hands-on: Withings Home Plus Video & Air Quality Monitor with Apple HomeKit support

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While a number of HomeKit-connected cameras were showcased at CES last week, Withings goes a step beyond just video, integrating an air quality monitor into its offering as well.

The Withings Home Plus Video & Air Quality Monitor integrates with Apple's HomeKit platform, providing users with smart alerts, including screenshot notifications when events are detected via noise or movement.

The Home Plus offers round-the-clock security, with a 24-hour timelapse view, two-day diary of events, and continuous recording options. Users can view HD video of their home from an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Withings's camera also has a baby monitor mode, featuring night vision and two-way talk. It also has built-in Lulla light and music programs.

Finally, beyond just a camera, the Home Plus also has an air quality sensor that can monitor your home and alert users to pollution spikes.

In a demonstration at CES, Withings showed how the Home Plus integrates with Apple's own Home app in iOS 10. A dedicated "favorite cameras" section within the app can provide users with a quick live view of their home.

For more from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, see AppleInsider's comprehensive CES 2017 coverage.


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    Thanks, could you elaborate further on what functions you could perform from within the official Home app (or via Siri). I'm hoping to avoid using the devices own app if I can. Cheers
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