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    I agree with you on that point... Haha, but I could think of hundreds of other ways to create buzz other than featuring a girl like Ellen Feiss.
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    [quote]As for the rest of the "Would ya do her?" sickos on the net, please remember that this is a little girl you're all talking about. <hr></blockquote>

    From what I've heard people say, it seems a lot of them are convinced she is a lot older.

    When I think about it, I can honestly say when I was in school, I knew a lot of 18/19 year olds who looked as old as she does.

    As for the comparisons with Mr. Curtis, the Dell spokesperson, I can say that it would be a hell of a lot more interesting to see Ellen Feiss stumbling around stoned in comical, Apple-related situations in future ads.

    [quote]Time for one of Anders few generalisations: Anyone who thinks Ellen Feiss is taking drugs, a retard, a drop out or anything like that is spending too much time in that fantasy world that excists in the media.....<hr></blockquote>

    Or just that fantasy-land called "High School", the place I spent the latter part of the '90s in. Where I knew a lot of Ellen Feiss'.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Anders:


    In the real world 90% of all people are...dare I say it...NORMAL. Those who can´t spot normality should spend a bit more time in the real world.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    LOL!! Now that is a FUNNY statement. It's something a perfectly "normal" person (whatever that is) would say.

    Oh, and BTW, I'd shag that chick on a moment's notice. Not only would she be a great lay, but she'd also smoke me up beforehand!

    I think something many lamers don't get is that when some of us say, "She's obviously stoned", it's not a put-down. It's a sort of compliment. You squares just don't get "it".

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