Facebook tests native version of Instagram's Stories feature in iOS app

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Having scored early success with Instagram Stories -- copied from a similarly-named Snapchat feature -- Facebook is currently testing the same option in its core Facebook app for iOS, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The test is limited to Ireland at the moment, but should come to other countries in the next few months, Business Insider learned. As on Instagram, Facebook Stories let users add photos and videos to a montage that vanishes within 24 hours.

The Facebook version of the feature is essentially identical, with filters, the exclusion of content from News Feeds and profiles, and the ability to reply via a direct message. It's even situated at the top of the app interface, drawing more attention.

Facebook is presumably concerned about fending off Snapchat, which while still smaller is already competing with Twitter for daily user numbers. A recent lawsuit by an ex-employee accused Snap of deliberately inflating figures to improve prospects for an initial public offering.

Regardless, Facebook has also been trying to encourage more original content submissions, specifically using photos and video. Over the years, News Feeds have frequently become populated more by links from news and clickbait sites.

Recently the company began testing full-screen video ads in Instagram Stories, something it will presumably bring over to the Facebook app if users don't speak up.


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