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    "Hey yo. I was jus' chillin' da utha day at work, ya know, and my girl came and I was like, yo bitch, you'd just tripped ova my etha-net cord and unplugged my PC, bitch! And then I like, smacked da bitch in da eye. Den I bought a Mac and I was like yo, dis wireless shit be da bomb! It's like, faggedaboutit! My new bitch can't an' don't be trippin on da wires cuz dere AIN'T NO WIRES! So, me an' da new misses now we's be all cool, and as for dat utha bitch: she be swimmin' with da fishes.

    Day call me Tony, and I'm da directah for NASA."

    Don't laugh man. I know people who talk like this, and not all of them are from New Jersey.

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