Apple extends $100 credit expiration for developers trying App Store Search Ads

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A $100 promotional credit for Apple's App Store Search Ads has been extended until March 30, according to a notification, in a bid to get more developers using the service to highlight their titles in search results.

The offer was originally set to expire on Dec. 31, having been in place since Search Ads launched in October. It's not clear whether or not the extension reflects weak demand.

While still limited to the U.S., Search Ads appear at the top of results in association with certain keywords. The spots can be tapped for more information, or purchased directly from the Search Ad pane.

Basic ads display just the app's name and a snippet of its text description, but more elaborate -- and expensive -- versions can include screenshots and take up more of a person's screen.

The Search Ads are one way in which Apple has been working to make the App Store more friendly to developers, who have long complained about how difficult it can be to get attention and hence downloads. In September, for instance, Apple began purging thousands of broken and outdated apps, making it easier for newer, functional ones to stand out.

Related to app discovery, Apple's upcoming iOS 10.3 update should help fix the App Store's review system by making reviews easier to submit, and letting developers respond in kind. At the same time it will limit the number of times an app can harass users about submitting a rating.
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