'BioShock' for iOS is officially dead, developer 2K reveals



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    cali said:
    cali said:
    I wish Apple would take Apple TV seriously for gaming. We would see more games like this.
    Don't hold your breath it was Apple who broke their promise and drove away Halo to Xbox. 

    If Apple wants people to think about gaming for the ATV, they would've added a game controller with it. 
    I don't think Apple has to develop games but it would be nice if they didn't give away the market to MS and Sony as I don't like their consoles.
    Apple will never compete with the console gaming market. What they need to do is work out deals with like Nintendo to port old classics over to the Apple TV. They can even work out a deal with Sony to port over PS3 classics. I would buy old Nintendo classics in a heartbeat to play on the Apple TV. 
    I don't agree at all. I think Apple is more than capable if that's what they want. Look no further than the NVIDIA Shield TV I mentioned earlier which is very capable of playing real console-quality games. So what if there's a few that require an Xbox or PS3/4, those platforms aren't going away anyway and will have their franchise games. But to say Apple couldn't offer at least something as capable as the Shield isn't true, and with Apple's marketing prowess and dedicated fanbase they'd be far more successful than NVIDIA.

    It wouldn't be at all difficult... If they want to. 
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