Despite claims to the contrary, Apple's 'iPhone 8' remains likely to launch in September

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Two supply chain reports, one from an analyst and one from a purported parts supplier, make different clams about the manufacturing start date of Apple's feature-laden anniversary "iPhone 8." But there has been no serious indication thus far that Apple will stray from its typical annual September launch window.

Concept rendering of next-gen iPhone with edge-to-edge display.

Integrated circuit foundry Win Semiconductors has allegedly been selected as a supplier for power amplifiers for the so-called "iPhone 8." Sources familiar with the company expect to see revenues picking up late in the second quarter of 2017 as a result of needing components for Apple's normal September iPhone delivery cycle.

In contrast, BlueFin Research Partners' John Donovan and Steve Mullane wrote on Monday that they are seeing indications that the "iPhone 8" is hitting manufacturers sooner than expected, assuming that previous manufacturing trends are consistent. Donovan and Mullane claim that builds starting in June of the "iPhone 8" will be 300 percent greater than that of the previous generation, with a "modest decline" in construction of older models during the same time frame.

The analysts claim that full volume production of a new iPhone model doesn't generally ramp up until early September, so the build volumes earlier than previous timetables is notable, and unusual. An earlier than normal release is not expected, however.

It is not clear where BlueFin is sourcing its data. BlueFin's claims about early production in June can't be completely accurate, however, if Win Semiconductors' deliveries of the power amplifiers don't even begin in earnest until July.

Apple's rumored "iPhone 8" may be released in September alongside an "iPhone 7s" family, and is said to feature next-generation technology like an OLED "wraparound" screen with Touch ID home button and other sensors embedded behind the glass. Recent rumblings out of Apple's East Asian supply chain suggest the device will ditch aluminum for forged stainless steel as part of a "glass sandwich" design reminiscent of the iPhone 4 series.


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    I only makes sense to just start making them sooner and alleviate the massive supply issues they have a launch. It doesn't make for a positive experience when people are trying to give Apple money for an iPhone and they can't deliver for months.

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    NY1822NY1822 Posts: 621member
    who decided that we are calling this the Iphone 8? do you really think apple will release an iphone 7s and iphone 8 brand names together...that's a marketing nightmare 
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    tshapitshapi Posts: 356member
    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases the "iPhone 8" in June during wwdc.  Honestly it doesn't make sense to me why Apple would release multiple phones at the same
    time with completely different design languages. It makes more sense if Apple releases the "iPhone 8" with a different name or branding. 
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    Speculation meets wishful thinking...let's step thru it: Apple corporate sets the actual NAME of the product; based on that, there's an established pattern inferring the next iteration will be called 7s.
    Apple likes to celebrate anniversaries; Apple likes showing off their design prowess; and there is some history suggesting that the company may produce a special edition of some kind (tho none of that history is as recent as the current Mac Pro). Typically, Apple has had bad luck trying to introduce special-edition hardware into their product matrix (G4 Cube? Current Mac Pro?), so coupled to the lack of SE wares in the last how-long, I think they WILL NOT produce a one-off phone, no matter how smart it might seems from outside. At the very same time, Apple is catching heat for having in effect reached the pinnacle of the current 'design-set': the unit has reached a level of power and performance that actually interferes w/ further refinement. This doesn't mean a better iPhone isn't possible - just that it will be less evolutionary - and therefore, more different. These complaints about the lack of new tech (mostly) drive a shift from the current to the untried, and Apple has a real track record of working out the big shifts in private before pulling back the curtain (the PPC drop, 4 ex); they FAMOUSLY never joined the bolt-on bandwagon that has always been the hallmark of their competitors, and so ALL the new tech, and the ground-up rethinking of the required software base could well, in fact, be essentially complete - which means this-year's-Phone may not BE a 7 at all. Voila - iPhone 8. Sure it might not happen, but that's an easy road to it. If TNiP *is* a 7s, the complaints will grow louder, more numerous, and more annoying - and all the tea-leaf reading will be down the drain; and, most likely, Apple will continue to take ALL THE MONEY with it, just like with previous models. If instead it's the "Apple-smooth" culmination of the wish lists re: "the next generation", then I guess they'll take even more of the money than that... If it came w/ 128 gb @ the current base price & 64gb for $200 less...well, a lot of their competitors will be left to turn out the lights.
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    It was nicely-formatted - until it posted... >:P
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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member
    Speculation meets wishful thinking...let's step thru it: Apple corporate sets the actual NAME of the product; based on that, there's an established pattern inferring the next iteration will be called 7s.

    Apple likes to celebrate anniversaries;
    The pattern has been the s models are essentially the same design as the prior model with new internals.  Given that the 7 is close enough to the 6 and 6s that I used my old case until the new on showed up Apple already deviated from the prior pattern.  So iPhone 8 is as likely or more likely as iPhone 7S.  

    If there is a new design then iPhone 8 fits the old pattern better.

    And Apple doesn't typically create special anniversary models or celebrate much beyond a comment by Cook or someone.
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,207member
    Yeah in Apple 2.0 I can think of any special anniversary editions, so I have no idea where people are coming from with that. 
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    I personally think that, the technology for iphone 7 is good enough to hold for 2 or 3 years. By producing new model each year, something like make the market in saturated condition. What else can be fit into new technology each year
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    tshapitshapi Posts: 356member
    Apple will continue to release a new iPhone annually until they find a new cash cow. Then the iPhone wlll slow in updates. 
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