Future Apple Watch owners might exchange data with a handshake or fist bump



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    maestro64 said:
    bobroo said:
    Wasn't this technology used in Android phones about 6 or 7 years ago?

    Yep, thought so.
    What version of Android allowed data to be exchanged with a handshake?

    One of the Android hardware suppliers (not google android software) had a feature which use the NFC chip when two devices tapped each other you could exchange business contact and a few other things. It is kind of like tap to pay. So nothing new hear but this feature is hardly used, most people do airdrop on iphone and a similar feature on android.

    I remember the bumping of phones to transfer some data, the Bump app is even mentioned in the article.  That doesn't answer my question to bobroo about which version of android allowed transfer of data with a handshake (or other gesture).  My guess is that's because there wasn't one.  And I can't help but notice that several hours later bobroo hasn't bothered to reply.  What should I assume now?

    Oh, and that was a dumb feature.  As you pointed out, where is it today?  It was one of those "features" just to advertise some sort of "WOW" factor that in reality wasn't used by many people.  Remember that commercial that showed someone sharing a playlist with their friend by bumping but it turned out that music wasn't transferred, just the list of songs?  People thought it sounded great until they used it and it wasn't what they expected then they stopped using it.
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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    bobroo said:
    Wasn't this technology used in Android phones about 6 or 7 years ago?

    Yep, thought so.
    Did you read the article?

    The feature you're talking about was in Samsung iKnockoffs and wasn't a part of Android. It did not transfer data by handshakes or fist bumps. It was one of those "innovative" features no one used and was forgotten about. Troll. 
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    mrrmrr Posts: 69member
    I always liked my Palm Pilot where you aimed it at another Palm and pressed the home button to transfer your contact info.  Simple!
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    There should be a very unique gesture that initiates a sharing event.
    It should not be a common gesture that could create false positives.

    Secondly, it should initiate a sharing opportunity that I can choose to complete or disregard at a later time.

    For example, I go to a conference and meet 20 people with whom I initiate a sharing opportunity. 
    Later that evening when I return to my hotel room, I review the people I met at the conference on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook.
    I decide to share my email and phone with 8 potential collaborators at other institutions.
    I decide to only share my email with 5 salespeople I met.
    I decide to share updated email, phone and  social media info with 2 former colleagues I haven't seen in years. 
    I decide to ignore 3 requests.
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    Apple may be indeed trying to apply for a Patent on Exchange  of information through a Handshake, but the actual Patent (US and EU) is with another company - MYCO Network (www.MYCO.com).

    On this note, it would be nice if you, perhaps rework an article stating that MYCO is planning to prevent APPLE from any further publicity on this topic, until they, at least, really invent something innovative and technically different from what MYCO has developed, produced and actively selling since February.

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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    evilution said:
    Fist bump!
    how are teenagers affording this gear?

    Mommy and Daddy have deep pockets?
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