AppleInsider podcast talks wireless charging, 'iPhone 8' rumors, Apple Watch weather apps,...

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil and Victor talk about the 'iPhone 8', weather apps for Apple Watch, wireless charging, and more.

iPhone 8 concept by iMore

AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes and Victor Marks talk about:
  • Wireless charging on an 'iPhone 8'
  • 'iPhone 8' could cost as much as $1,000 USD
  • Patent describes Apple Watch data exchange via 'bump'
  • Track the northeast blizzard with iOS & Apple Watch weather apps
  • Apple hires head of Amazon's Fire TV
  • Apple invents stretchable display
  • Tim Cook tours Europe, talks Steve Jobs
  • Neil's GoPro Hero5 and Karma Grip experience
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    I just had a crazy thought. If apple implements energous's wireless charging from a distance system with the fall 2017 iPhone, then maybe that is why they discontinued the last airport and time capsules. Let me explain. If you look into how energous's tech works you will find a small USB thumb drive looking thing that can wirelessly charge a device that is a few inches away. This would come in the box with the new iPhone. They are also working on bigger transmitters that can charge devices 15 feet away which easily covers a normal living room. Here's where the airport base station ties in. They could release new airports and time capsules that have 15' wireless charging transmitters built in. The tech was supposed to be ready in late 2016 which coincides with discontinuing the current airports. If the tech was delayed a bit maybe we will get new airports when the wireless charging is ready for release. 

    On another note, I have heard numerous complaints that it probably won't charge a device as quickly as plugging it in does. It really doesn't matter. If you have a charging transmitter at the office, at home and in the car, your phone (and AirPods and watch and iPad etc.) will always have a full charge. At this point charging time becomes less important as it will be charging even when you are using it. Imagine never having to take off your watch and it's always charged. This could even lead to smaller devices with smaller batteries. You wouldn't need as much on board power if you always charging. 
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