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As a part of his ongoing European tour, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday visited the U.K.'s famous Tate Britain gallery as well as "Monument Valley" developers ustwo Games, and discussed the issue of fake news in an interview with "Good Morning Britain." On Friday he also appeared at the company's flagship store in the country, based on Regent Street in London.

Cook shared photos of the Tate and ustwo visits on Twitter. Apple has regularly highlighted Monument Valley on the App Store and in marketing, and Cook noted that he got a "sneak peek" at an upcoming project, "coming soon."

Met the incredibly creative team behind #MonumentValleyGame @ustwogames in London & got a sneak peek at their latest project, coming soon!

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook)

At Tate Britain, the executive was photographed with curator Chris Stephens looking at an exhibition of digital artwork by David Hockney.

Curator Chris Stephens and @tim_cook experience #Hockney?s digital artwork at Tate Britain tonight

— Tate (@Tate)

Cook can be seen at the Regent Street store in a photo obtained by 9to5Mac. Little else is known about the visit so far, though he can be seen in front of a massive video display installed as part of recent renovations.

In his "Good Morning Britain" interview, Cook said that "we have to give the consumer tools" to cope with fake news, but that companies like Apple should "filter part of it" before it gets to people "without losing the great openness of the internet." He called fake news "one of today's chief problems," and "not something that has a simple solution."

EXCLUSIVE: With fake news hitting the headlines, how does Apple boss @Tim_Cook think the issue should be dealt with?

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB)

A separate video published on Friday meanwhile revealed that while in Germany earlier this week, he also stopped by the Berlin Philharmoniker, which edits videos using Macs and broadcasts concerts online, including via apps for iOS and the Apple TV. Cook sat in on rehearsals for the Gy^rgy Ligeti opera "Le Grand Macabre," and met the chief conductor.

Cook has been in Europe since the weekend, beginning in France. He arrived in the U.K. on Wednesday to receive an honorary degree from the University of Glasgow, and on Thursday accomplished a number of visits, including meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May.


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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,510member
    Tim Cook's Global Village tour continues. Looks to me like he's quietly demonstrating that Apple is a company with a planetary vision, which all companies must be now, if they want to source the world's best talents and supply the world's best markets.

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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    Filtering fake Apple news would be a threat to knockoff manufacturers. 
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    If you can destroy a population's confidence in institutions which have served civilization for generations the vacuum will become a ripe for totalitarian. 
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,616member
    spice-boy said:
    If you can destroy a population's confidence in institutions which have served civilization for generations the vacuum will become a ripe for totalitarian. 
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