Apple's Siri gets 'LEGO Batman Movie' tie-in with custom Bat-phrases

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In a rare promotional tie-in, Apple has quietly updated its Siri virtual assistant with a series of comedic phrases that relate to the recently released "LEGO Batman Movie" from Warner Brothers.

As seen in the screenshot above, users who refer to Siri as "Computer" will be greeted with one about ten custom phrases relating to the Batman franchise, or more specifically the "LEGO Batman Movie."

The update is a reference to the animated movie in which Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, calls his personal AI system "Computer," or "'Puter" for short. Calling on Siri using an iOS device's home button, or alternatively "Hey Siri, Computer," triggers a random phrase pulled from the film.

For example, LEGO Batman's penchant for lobster thermidor is a running gag, and Siri includes the unique food item in one of her responses.

"Hello, sir. I've heated up your lobster thermidor in the microwave. I'm one step ahead of you Alfred," she says.

Other responses include, "Welcome home, sir. I have your rom coms queued up, sorted by decade" and "You have a message from Condiment King. It says 'Pbbbffftttt!'" Humorously, Siri spells out the sound made by Condiment King in the latter message.

Apple's Siri update was first spotted by the movie's art director Vivienne To on Twitter and later covered by MacRumors.

Apple is constantly revising its virtual assistant with new phrases and features to keep answers current for iOS, and now macOS, users. Most recently, Siri last month was updated to accept commands related to Super Bowl LI.


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    lukeilukei Posts: 330member
    No wonder we don't have any new Mac Pros /s
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    lukei said:
    No wonder we don't have any new Mac Pros /s

    Don't be sarcastic. It would be one thing if they were remotely funny. Where is a new Pro?
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    You know what Apple? Instead of wasting your time on this type of crap… How about actually upgrading and developing Siri's backend to be faster and more knowledgable? I mean, Siri's response time is atrocious compared to Amazon Alexa (even when both are operating on the same home network).

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