Apple's WWDC 2017 art borrows design concept from 2010 Spanish film festival [u]



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    sog35 said:
    slurpy said:
    sog35 said:

    sog35 said:
    Has Apple gotten to the point that not even their conference poster are original ideas?
    Have you gotten to the point where even your trollish comments are not original ideas?

    Give it a rest homey. Apple stock is at an all time high. Last quarter was the biggest quarter EVER for iPhone, Watch, Mac, and Services.

    Apple has the #1 smartphone, tablet, laptop, all-in-once, and smartwatch. Plus #1 in music (streaming + download sales), the biggest digital store (App store), and the highest customer satisfaction.

    Your time to post trollish remarks have passed. You should have done this when the stock was $90
    Um... care to tell us what has changed about iPhone, Watch, Mac, Services and all the "#1s" and "customer satisfaction" since the stock was in the $90s, except that you've now stopped your whining bout why/how Tim Cook should be fired?

    Apple was as great a company when its stock was in the $90s as it is today.

    1. iPhone returned to growth (which was a huge worry)

    2. Watch is still on track

    3. Airpods prove Apple still got it

    4. Services grew 18%

    So I'd say much has changed since the stock was $90
    You just proved his point. So.. nothing has changed. None of those things were a shift in strategy. Its simply a result of what they were doing when the stock was lower. 

    Apple's overall strategy didn't change, neither did their HW strategy, SW strategy, philosophy, their leadership, the fundamentals of their product line, or anything else that goes to the core of the company. Their iPhone strategy did not change. They didn't go chuck out everything and reinvent themselves as a company since then. They just continued following their roadmap, which has lead them and continues to lead them to success, regardless of petty and childish naysayers like you who have such a thin-skin as to be unable to ride out any fluctuations in stock price.

    Tim was not a shitty CEO @ $90/share, but an amazing one now that the stock is higher. You were just monstrously wrong, as you always are, and had zero faith in Cook or in Apple, so you were happy to tear them down. You assumed the stock market was God. The sad thing is that you don't have the character to admit you were wrong, you instead have to invent this fictional reality where Apple "changed", by reaching so, so hard as we can see from your post. How pathetic. Whats sadder is that you've obviously learned nothing, and you'll be back to calling for Cook's head when the stock irrationally drops lower, and fucking up every thread in this forum. Cook was right, Apple was right, Wallstreet (and clowns like you) were wrong. Show some spine and admit that for once. You've beed demanding that Cook be FIRED for a year now.

    Do you think Apple would be in a BETTER position had their taken your shitty, reactionary advise which would have been an absolute disaster in terms of stability and PR? A CEO replaced? Be honest. 
    Don't be ignorant. 

    When Stock was $90: 3 straight declines in YoY iPhone unit sales
    After Dec Earnings: iPhone unit growth and highest averaging selling price ever

    When Stock was $90: No news about Watch sales for 12 months
    After Dec Earnings: Cook announces best Watch quarter of all time

    When Stock was $90: We had no idea how good the Airpods were
    After Dec Earnings: Airpods are amazing and selling out like crazy

    When Stock was $90: We had little idea how much growth the services division would have 
    After Dec Earnings: Cook says that services would DOUBLE in the next 4 years


    And that is why the stock is up over 50% since it hit $90 last year
    No, you just dodged all his points -- Cook was doing right by Apple even when the stock was $90, as he continued to work on what was coming. You screamed like a petulant child for his ouster, which was insanely stupid. Now it's clear how stupid it was. Nothing at Apple has changed -- just the stock. 
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    anome said:
    JinTech said:
    The one thing I get with this poster is most people are interacting with one another in person. Not something you see with people who are on their phones most of the time. Perhaps "social" is going to be a big theme for iOS 11 and macOS 10.13...
    Depends on what they're doing on their phones, surely. I use my phone to interact with other people all the time, on Twitter, Facebook, and every once in a while I might send someone a text message. Or even call them. Phones are a great way to interact. Interacting in person is overrated anyway. Especially if you aren't comfortable in large crowds of strange people.
    You use Twitter, Facebook and text message with someone while you're with them in person, face to face? You sound like such a millennial lol Why be social in person when you can just Facebook instead?! /s
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    Both artworks were not created by the same person. If you read the link in this article where it says "while TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino later confirmed both were created by McFettridge", the twitter replies show that checks with the artist himself (Geoff) confirm he did not work on the 2010 artwork but it was "inspired by him".
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    I wonder why it is at San Jose. Probably couldn't get the conference space? Maybe tour around the new campus? :) I would imagine international attendees will probably stay in SF and that there may be buses to San Jose?
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    The WWDC logo reminds me of an old ad for Doom:

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    Made me think of Led Zeppelin...
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