Apple airs regional AirPods ads featuring UK musicians

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As part of a shift toward targeted digital and regional ad campaigns, Apple on Tuesday released three new versions of its "Notes" AirPods commercial in the UK featuring music from The 1975, Craig David and Lianne La Havas.

The trio of commercials debuted on Apple's United Kingdom YouTube channel shortly after the original "Notes" spot with music from Marian Hill was posted earlier today.

First aired to U.S. consumers in January, the clever ad uses AirPods' modified teardrop design to signify notes in a given song. In each of the "Notes" ads, AirPods pop up on a moving musical staff in rhythm to the music.

In the latest installments, Apple's wireless earphones march to the beat of a bass guitar in "Heart Out" by The 1975, a synth drum in "When the Bassline Drops" by Craig David and Big Narstie, and an acoustic guitar in "Green & Gold" by Lianne La Havas.

Unlike the original Marian Hill version, Apple's new "Notes" variations are more colorful and incorporate stylized musical staffs set against bold backgrounds. For example, the musical staff seen in the ad featuring The 1975 is reminiscent of neon lights consistent with the musician's album art, while the background of La Havas' spot is filled with slowly moving palm fronds.

By throwing a spotlight on big UK acts, Apple's latest ads appear to be in line with a new focus on regional campaigns. A report on Monday claims Apple recently cut its marketing budget as part of a new strategy that involves targeted ads with a focus on digital content.


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