Which internet-only TV service should Apple device owners use?



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    What's the point in 'channels'? That concept is a thing of the past in my house. 
    I am getting NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS, ABC, & CW (aka over the air broadcasts) on two playlist sharing TiVo boxes (with lifetimes), with Internet at $75 a month from COX and DirectvNow for $35, total cost of $110 a month. We were paying $75 (cox) + $160 Directv (regular) and then $220 for Directv+NF L. Now we are out! With only 12 shows from the Directv Subscription. and 40 from the Antenna based "channels" with LIVE and DVR support from the two TiVo boxes (4 tuners total), there still is such a thing as channels especially if you watch sports, but what is great is MarchMadness is an AppleTV App. When I called about canceling my DIrectv (sat version) service they gave us a year of $35 off per month but we only did that for 2 months. We're out! SAVINGS of $1,740 a year! But then of course there is Netflix at $10 and HBO Now twice a year for binge watching at 2x$15, maybe now 2x$5 with the DirectvNow option, gotta check on that, I think you can only get the $5 HBONow/Go with the higher tier packages, but either way... to me I have CORD CUT. I mean I guess I could get an Unlimited Data plan from somebody and tether one of my MacPros to an iPhone to serve WiFi thru the house to be a TRUE CORD CUTTER, but oh well semantics (and I probably will always have a physical internet "wire", wether coax or fiber...) But I got a 2nd AppleTV 4th Gen for the bedroom for FREE! (oh and you get two active Streams with Directv now, so someone can be in the Bedroom watching and someone in the Front Room (or other ATV4GEN box)! (and you get kids channels with DTVNOW so...)
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