Battery tech suitable for future iPhone promises 3x the power density, full charge in minu...



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    iqatedoiqatedo Posts: 1,612member
    ppietra said:
    This technology is also based in research developed in Portugal, one of the lead researchers involved is actually from a Portuguese University. I wonder if those licenses involve the portuguese contribution.
    Lead author, M. H. Braga is with CEMUC, Engineering Physics Department, Engineering Faculty, University of Porto, R. Dr. Roberto Frias s/n, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal 
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    iqatedoiqatedo Posts: 1,612member
    ksec said:
    Solid Battery has been around for a VERY long time. What we keep hearing about these breakthrough are ways to make it cheaper. But it is still FAR from our normal Li-Ion Battery prices. Existing Battery cost less then $10 in BOM, a similar size Solid Battery would have cost more then $300 even when manufactured at scale.   

    The news and press didn't mention the cost saving. But even it is 50% cheaper, it would still be $150, on a cost per energy, ( Similar Li-Ion battery would be less then $30 ) it would still be 5x more expensive. And if you calculate the Margin in the end product, you will likely have to pay $300+ more for a phone with this tech inside. 

    I am no sure if consumer would spend $300 more for a Phone with 3x larger capacity at the same size.
    The paper makes some very specific points, quoting:

    'provides a safe, low-cost, all-solid-state cell with a huge capacity giving a large energy density and a long cycle life suitable for powering an all-electric road vehicle or for storing electric power from wind or solar energy.'

    The expression 'low-cost' might be relative, however, electric vehicles and battery energy storage would be hugely cost sensitive, given the numbers of cells required. Hence, it is likely that the cost has come down significantly over what you are referencing.

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    Herbivore2Herbivore2 Posts: 362member
    Hopefully the battery technology makes it to the watch. Having full LTE access and a watch that lasts for 24 hours would be nice. 
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    plankton said:
    I've been reading about battery breakthroughs for 20 years and they have all been like the Free Beer Tomorrow sign in a pub. (BTW, where is that fuel cell for laptops?)
    It's coming tomorrow. Ask me tomorrow and I'll say the same.
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    Marvin said:
    It wouldn't matter if they shrunk the battery down, external battery cases can make up for it for people who need the extra.
    But it completely undermines the point of an extra long-life battery if we still have to drag around external battery packs.
    Marvin said:
    Battery life is pretty good on mobile devices these days, it's pretty rare that someone runs completely out of battery during a day.
    You don't have kids, do you?  My daughter completely drains her phone and an external battery pack every day, thanks to an obsessive desire to be active on social media every waking minute.  She is not unusual these days.
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