McDonald's tests mobile ordering from iOS app ahead of global rollout



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    bdkennedy said:
    Welcome to 2010. McDonald's how grown so monolithic it can barely move.
    McDonalds seem to me to be the most advanced and forward thinking, in Scotland anyway. My local one has had 3 complete redesigns in the past 10 years while the burger king just down from it has looked the same since it was first built, and it's been missing a few letters on it's sign for over 2 years now. When McDs started accepting NFC payments (years before apple-pay), the BurgerKing didn't even have chip&pin, you had to swipe and sign like in 1985. The most recent McD refurb gave it the touchscreen ordering kiosks, several iPads for kids to play on, a redesigned drive thru allowing two lanes to place orders at once. It's also open 24hours a day where the others shut at around 10pm. The KFC next door is quite new but is empty most of the day and their systems are always "down" so you can't use the iOS app for rewards etc. Also ALL of the staff are Polish which makes ordering anything quite hard.
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    davidwdavidw Posts: 975member
    Something is fishy about this. Location tracking is 100% not necessary in this context. Taco Bell has already mastered this with no location tracking. It is already Fast Food. It takes literally 2 minutes to prepare ones meal. No one needs a "head start" based on location tracking.

    At Taco Bell, you place your order with the App, and when you arrive at the Drive Thru, you're just bypassing the "talking-to-the-moron-thru-the-speaker" except to let them know you've arrived. They immediately begin making your meal and its ready as soon as you pull up to the next window. No more advance notice than that is needed.
    But there's more (or will be more) options than just drive thru pick up. One can request counter pick up if you know there's going to be a long line at the drive thru, you can park your car and go inside to pick up your order. They know when you are near and will start prepping your order, if you got tracking. Plus not all McDonalds has a drive thru. So you can request curbside delivery if you order and pay ahead of time, they will bring your order out right when you reach the parking lot. Or they might even do this when there's a long line at the drive thru.  But only with tracking. Then you got table service where if you plan to eat inside. You can order ahead of time and your order will be ready just before you get there, not 20 minutes before because you were caught in traffic or had to make an unplanned errand on the way. With tracking, they know when you're only a couple of minutes away and will start preparing your order.  

    The whole point of this app is so that you don't have to wait in the drive thru line or the line inside to get your order. This will speed up the line for those not using the app to pre-order.

    There's no point to order ahead of time, you still have to wait in a line to let them know you are here and then they start preparing the order they knew about 20 minutes ago.  
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