Quick take video review: D-Link Omna HomeKit camera

in General Discussion edited March 2017
AppleInsider goes hands-on with D-Link's new Omna, the first internet connected security camera to feature integration with Apple's HomeKit platform and iOS 10 Home app.

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Make sure to read our full review of D-Link's camera, which we found suitable for casual home monitoring, but not the best for hard-core security.

We're also interested in your questions! If you want to know anything about the Omna 180, chime in on our forums and we'll address it.


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    A couple of things I'd note after a week with mine: it seems to run awfully hot, which none of the reviews so far have mentioned, and there is an option to take a screenshot on your phone of what the camera is seeing, so if you're quick enough, you can still get a picture of your burglar, even if he does take the camera on the way out of the house.
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