Apple updates iPhone 7 silicone & leather cases with new colors

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In tandem with its new (Product)Red iPhone 7 models, and new seasonal band colors for Apple Watch, Apple on Tuesday also released silicone and leather cases in a small collection of new colors.

The new silicone cases come in "azure," "camellia," and "pebble" colors. Prices are set at $35 for iPhone 7 versions, at $39 for the 7 Plus.

The leather cases include "sapphire," "taupe," and "berry" options, priced at $45 for the iPhone 7 and $49 for the 7 Plus.

Apple has also released a $39 "saddle brown" leather case for the iPhone SE. The accessory is presumably meant to snare buyers of the upgraded SE, which goes on sale Friday with improved storage options up to 128 gigabytes.

The (Product)Red iPhone 7 models will also go on sale Friday. Some proceeds will go to the Global Fund, which combats AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.


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    Just what everyone wanted.
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,727member
    I just don't like the leather cases for iPhones.
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    steveausteveau Posts: 292member
    I love using an iPhone "naked" (not me dummy, the phone, without a case), the design and feel is just gorgeous, but it is too risky, so I have to use a case. BUT, if Apple added a small anchor point, top centre, like on the side of most cameras, I could add a wrist strap, or a neck strap, or a retractable belt attachment, or whatever the clever accessory people can dream up. Then I could enjoy the phone "naked" without fear of dropping it.
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