Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad

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Google will soon start rolling out real-time location sharing for users of its Maps app for iOS and Android, offering a feature similar to Apple's Find My Friends, or Google's own defunct Latitude.

People will be able to access the new feature by tapping on the blue dot for their current location, or else opening up the main menu, Google said on Wednesday. The app will prompt users to pick with whom to share, whether via their Google contacts or by creating a link that can be shared in messaging apps or email.

Maps will also ask users to set a time limit or to allow sharing indefinitely, for instance in the case of a spouse or family. Time restrictions can range from 15 minutes to 3 days -- if a person chooses to make sharing indefinite, they'll still receive email reminders every few weeks.

Google is limiting link-based sharing to fixed times, given the potential for abuse if a URL ends up in the wrong hands.

A slightly different version of sharing will appear in Navigation mode. By tapping on the "More" button in the bottom-right, people will be able to share not just their current location but also their expected arrival time. Unlike the standard option, trip sharing will end automatically once a person reaches their destination.

Users will be able to reciprocate sharing, and see visible reminders that their location is being tracked. The feature is "rolling out soon worldwide," according to Google.

In recent times Apple has largely downplayed Find My Friends, which is separate from Apple Maps. The last major update came in September, when the company brought it to the Apple Watch.


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    jason98jason98 Posts: 768member
    Sharing my location with Google... LOL
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,901member
    Wov! Now Google wants to get into my personal life and possibly help ruining it by letting others know my where about and where I am ?..No way......
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    Yawn. While Google gets called on the carpet for sponsoring hate content using ad revenues from major corporations to do so. 

    Right now, my distaste for Google is quite high. And anything that spins a positive light on them or their products like these articles from AppleInsider are doing will likely lead me to drop my membership. 

    £250,000 estimated paid out by the corporation to hate groups. Check it out.

    It will likely become a non-issue as Google's advertising revenues are taking a big hit as a result. They won't have any development capital to fund new software advancements. Still, the company's outlook and philosophy leave much to be desired. 
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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,289member
    FInd My Friend has been here since iOS7?
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    boeyc15boeyc15 Posts: 986member
    iOS can do this in Messages now--- Open an 'existing' conversation --- upper right in the 'i' , tap to open --- says 'send my location'. Say yes and it sends a message with a map of your location.
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    toysandmetoysandme Posts: 243member
    jason98 said:
    Sharing my location with Google... LOL
    If you think this is bad, see this:

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    lostkiwilostkiwi Posts: 639member
    Any word on if this new version of Latitude works with FMF?
    So Google losers, whoops users could share their location with me while I use FMF....

    Probably not, but thought it worth asking. 
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    wood1208 said:
    Wov! Now Google wants to get into my personal life and possibly help ruining it by letting others know my where about and where I am ?..No way......
    You could say the same of any technology couldn't you? Email has benefits and can also ruin lives. Same with fire and the wheel. Location sharing is handy, e.g. if friends/family want to make sure each other is ok, if you're picking someone up, if you want the other person to know when you'll arrive home so they can have dinner ready. There are plenty of useful applications that don't ruin lives. The most important thing is making sure the user can easily control when and with who they share location data
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,695member
    I'd like the ability to share a location or a set of driving directions from running in my Mac's Safari to my iPhone the same way Apple Maps can. Then have Siri use that to talk me through the drive.  Apple Maps and Google vary on which one gives the best results and I like to choose which is best for any given trip until Apple Maps gets a lot better.  The last two times, I hate to say,  I used Maps it was totally incorrect from the exact same address (copied and pasted) that was correct in Google Maps.
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    Don't feed surveillance capitalists! Avoid Giigle at all costs.
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