Industry so far 'lukewarm' towards Samsung's post-Note 7 battery testing standards



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    AssgoblinAssgoblin Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    When all you make is junk eventually you get burned
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    Soli said:
    1: Look at battery.
    2: Shake battery.
    3: Look at battery again.
    4: If battery is not on fire, approve and move to next battery.
    I think that can reduced to ONLY #4 with Samsung.
    Think it further simplified to after the comma
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 4,569member
    lkrupp said:
    maestro64 said:
    You can bet that Verizon is going to be in Samsung shorts over this. They are not going to want a repeat of this issue. Verizon is very conservative when it comes to thing like things catching fire. Yes Samsung has to restore confident in the buying public, but Companies like VZ are not so easily won over they actual have engineers who know what they are doing and know when a Supplier is not doing what is required. This was part of the Battle with getting the Iphone on VZ network in years past, VZ what to do their own testing before they will sell a product which works on their network.
    But wasn’t Verizon the carrier who refused to send out the update to finally brick the Note 7? Didn’t they also skip the update to limit battery charge to 60%?

    VZ want the phone completely pulled from market, bricking the phone cause VZ other issue since as phone is bricked and the person could not may a 911 call. If VZ allowed that to happen then they would be liable for any issue, but the battery issue was squarely in Samsung court. It is not as sample as people think.
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