T-Mobile adds iPhone AppleCare+ services to Jump, Premium Device Protection add-on plans

in iPhone edited March 2017
T-Mobile has added AppleCare services to members subscribing to its extra-cost Premium Device Protection or Jump upgrade programs, allowing for $29 screen repairs.

While not specifically calling it AppleCare+, over the weekend, T-Mobile updated its product pages to include "AppleCare Services" for the $12 and up Jump or Premium Device Protection plans. AppleCare+ itself costs $129 for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, or $99 for the iPhone SE.

Jump subscribers can upgrade whenever they want to a new model, and T-Mobile will take the existing device back in trade, and pay up to half of the phone's original value, whatever remains for the monthly payments, whichever is less. Apple's iPhone replacement program is similar, and includes AppleCare+ as well -- which until T-Mobile's move over the weekend, was the main differentiator between Apple's program, and the carriers'.

If purchased separately, AppleCare+ extends the warranty out to to years, and provides free phone support for two years. Reports suggest that device owners can purchase AppleCare+ up to the day the warranty expires on the iPhone in question, but the AppleCare+ page still retains a 60-day limit on the purchase.

In tandem with announcing the iPhone 7 family, Apple also revised its AppleCare+ plans for iPhones, instituting a $29 screen replacement option. However, the repair fee was increased to $99 for any other form of accidental damage.


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    r00fus1r00fus1 Posts: 65member
    This is super cool. TMO just gets better and better (though I'm glad I have a Simple Choice plan as it's much cheaper than One for my 10 lines).
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