Duplex printing direct from Safari 10.12.4

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With the new update 10.12.4, I lost the ability to print duplex direct from Safari. Everything else allowed Duplex. So talked to Apple and after a long discussion, the only work around if you want to print duplex from Safari, you need to use the PDF drop down at the lower edge of print panel, select "Open PDF in Preview" and then the Duplex option is available. I'm using two Canon printers, the 882 and 860. Same issue on both. Canon has not put any decent all-in-one printers out lately that I have seen, so these two machines are still my workhorses. :)


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 4,102administrator
    Interesting - sounds like some kind of driver conflict. I'm still able to print duplex from my HP and Brother printers.
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