As Apple's GPU plans go public, Imagination fears becoming a tech orphan



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    carnalimr said:
    Tegra is dead in mobile, including tablets, but if you can name some current smartphones or tablets that use it, I'm willing to reevaluate my claim. Nvidia Shield and Nintendo Switch are game machines, and don't have the same power or form factor constraints as smartphones.
    You are aware that Switch's main point is to be a mobile gaming tablet right that can be used both as a tablet and home console....

    You are also aware that Nvidia shield isnt meant to be just a gaming machine but another Android TV device that has the capability to do gaming and PC streaming... 
    ...and home control too. 
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    hammerd2 said:
    foggyhill said:
    hammerd2 said:
    "In March 2016, Apple reportedly engaged in "advanced talks" with Imagination regarding a potential takeover. At the time, Apple owned about 10 percent of the company, while Intel owned an even larger stake."

    Daniel, Intel had already sold their stake (Feb 2015) when the Apple approach to take over Imagination happened (Mar 2016).

    JinTech, Imagination's assertion is that they feel after 10 years (plus another 1-2 before being ditched) of supplying IP, engineering and integration manpower and confidential knowhow to Apple, added to the fact that a good number of their top GPU designers left to go to Apple, they do not see it as possible/likely that Apple will be releasing a GPU core that will be different enough - from base principles to metal - to not have infringed ANY of their IP. Imagination are not going to "steal" a GPU design from Apple ! Apart from the obvious, where else could they use it ?

    Bottom line is that even if Apple do infringe, Imagination has zero money and to take Apple to court over infringing their IP is inconceivable as they simply can't afford it, and Apple know this.

    For the sake of transparency, I used to be an Imagination shareholder til 3-4 weeks ago - thankfully !!! - and am still an Apple shareholder, but if Apple have done the dirty deed then it stinks. Anyone who uses then steals another company's IP is a bit scummy, whether it's Apple, Samsung or anyone else.

    But we'll just have to wait and see if they have and what happens next. Little point in labouring the point much further as all will be supposition until Apple release their own in-house GPU.
    Apple has been heavily modding the imagination GPU for 2 years and has hired TONS of GPU guys from all over for the last 4 (and has been rumored to be doing their own GPU since that time).

    You're reaching a hell of a lot there will that spiel about steeling intel property. If Imagination has any legal argument at all (meaning they actually took it) in this, they'll just wait till Apple uses it then find some deep pocket investors to back them to go after Apple.

    I'm pretty sure that won't happen cause undoubtably Apple's been doing their own thing, possibly by modifying the GPU from the ARM license, which they're already allowed to do.
    Maybe you should read what I wrote. I didn't mention anything about anyone steeling (sic) Intel's IP. I merely laid out what the Imagination press release said and the basis behind their belief that Apple would find it very difficult to produce a GPU architecture from scratch that infringed none of Imagination's IP. 

    I ended by saying that IF it turned out Apple had been naughty then they would have acted quite scummily. I didn't say that they had acted scummily or that they couldn't develop a whole new GPU architecture from scratch that didn't infringe. At least we can agree that we have to wait and see what happens in about 2 years' time. 
    You implied it heavily BUDDY, I know how to read.Seriously, read your own posts. 
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