Apple rebrands iTunes Podcasts as 'Apple Podcasts' ahead of planned changes

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Apple on Thursday rechristened iTunes Podcasts under a new label, "Apple Podcasts," likely setting the stage for planned evolutions of the company's podcasting support.

The new term applies to both the iTunes podcast directory and the Podcasts iPhone and iPad app. Accordingly Apple has revised its marketing guidelines, for example producing a new "Listen on Apple Podcasts" badge that can be used on webpages, social networks, and elsewhere. An official Twitter account has been rebranded to @ApplePodcasts.

At February's Code Media conference Apple's head of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, promised that the company was working on new features for podcasts. What those might be is uncertain.

One possibility is that Apple will make it easier for podcasters to make money, perhaps by streamlining ad placements or offering more detailed audience demographics. The company could also conceivably support paid subscriptions, whether for individual shows or by offering a first-party plan with access to "premium" content. Premium podcasts could theoretically become a perk for Apple Music subscribers.

Apple's Podcasts app hasn't been updated since Sept. 13. That release only brought bugfixes, but also made iOS 10 a baseline requirement.


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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
     Why? Almost every podcast in existence including those on (ironically)knockoff devices have the creator saying "iTunes" on almost every podcast. 

    This is definitely an area that needs improvement since Apple pretty much has a monopoly on this but hasn't done crap to help the platform.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    Lucky Apple Music subscribers getting more ways to spend their money.
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    Oh, now THIS is exciting to me. Maybe or portends an Apple Podcasts application for macOS, thus stripping Podcast functionality out of iTunes. That is what everybody wants right? 

    I'm also looking forward to some updates to the Podcasts app on iOS. Along with stalwarts like Safari, Mail, and Music, I spend almost all my time in the Podcasts app on my iPhone. Third Party podcast apps have never done anything for me. Lots of people praise overcast, I tried it, do not like it at all. So I'm pretty ginned up about some podcast love from Apple.
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    I really hope apple doesn't go the way google went with YouTube,  where they start restricting and throttling content they don't agree, and promote content they like.  That kind of virtue signaling I can't stand. 
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,503member
    I really hope apple doesn't go the way google went with YouTube,  where they start restricting and throttling content they don't agree, and promote content they like.  That kind of virtue signaling I can't stand. 
    Because Apple is known for that, right? Just like Apple is known for harvesting your history and selling your data to third party advertisers, right?
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    Sounds like good news. One of my pleasures is going on a long trail run with my AirPods/Apple Watch and catching up on the podcasts I subscribe to. :)
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    anomeanome Posts: 1,526member
    Maybe they're getting ready to kill iTunes? Come on, we know everyone wants it. Just have Video, Music, Podcasts, Books, and a separate app called (for example) Devices which syncs all the content from the other apps to your iDevices.
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    designrdesignr Posts: 959member
    Apple has been slowly shifting all branding to the "Apple X" / X.



    I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see them do this with the phone (Phone) in the future. Maybe not...but it wouldn't shock me at all. In fact I could see them moving away from the "iSomething" all over the place. e.g., iCal is now simply Calendar. These are all tiny steps, but likely part of a larger, longer term plan. I suspect this is another small step in that direction.

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    NY1822NY1822 Posts: 621member
    Now they have to rebrand the iTunes Store. Why am i still clicking on an app with a music note icon to search for movies? Needs to be Apple Video to be consistent and put all their content there. Seems they are putting all their video on Apple Music
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    Since iOS 11 the search and discover function do not work in the Podcast app for a lot of users. It always shows the error Connection currently not possible. Nobody could solve this issue yet. Even 3rd level support has not provided any news about it.  And suggestion by Apple Genious team to reset the iPhone from scratch did not solve the issue. Very, very annoying. Maybe re acquisition of this company helps to solve that issue. 
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