Apple's 'iPhone 8' again rumored to adopt stainless steel chassis, flat OLED, vertical iSi...

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Seemingly confirming a handful of rumors regarding Apple's next-generation "iPhone 8" handset, a report out on Monday claims the forthcoming smartphone will feature a polished stainless steel "glass sandwich" design, vertical iSight camera array for augmented reality functionality and a flat OLED display.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports Apple is in the process of finalizing design specifications for the so-called "iPhone Edition" expected to debut alongside updated "iPhone 7s" and iPhone 7s Plus" models later this year.

Originally rumored for inclusion last September, the glass sandwich design has made it through Apple's engineering verification testing (EVT) process, the report said. Similar to iPhone 4 series handsets, the 10th anniversary model will sport a thin stainless steel chassis flanked by two slabs of glass.

Sources claims Apple intends to use an "improved" version of the stainless steel currently used to produce Apple Watch products. Whether the metal will be polished like the wearable or treated produce a matte finish is unclear.

While the glass itself is said to feature a slightly curved "2.5D" profile like current iPhone 7 models, the OLED display it covers is to be completely flat, the report said. This particular tidbit contradicts a string of rumors suggesting Apple plans to integrate iPhone's first curved OLED screen later this year.

Most recently, a report citing supply chain insiders said "iPhone 8" would source a mildly curved OLED display from Samsung in order to cut down on engineering challenges. Dramatically curved screens like those found in Samsung's Galaxy product line require identically curved glass cover units to accommodate the completed laminated display, a complex task that necessitates extra design and manufacturing steps.

Though initial rumblings pointed to the integration of curved OLED technology, subsequent reports issued more recently claim Apple has instead opted for a flat panel design to streamline the production process.

As for user controls, today's report reiterates claims that Apple will integrate home button functionality using software, replacing the familiar round home button with Touch ID fingerprint module. First uncovered by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in February, the active area of iPhone 8's expected 5.8-inch display will be closer to 5.15 inches on the diagonal, with the remaining bottom portion dedicated to a so-called "function area" supporting system functions like virtual buttons.

With the removal of iPhone's home button, Kuo and others have hinted that Apple is planning to embed Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology beneath the handset's display. Mac Otakara has heard similar rumors, but the site was unable to verify those claims.

The report goes on to posit that a vertically arranged dual-lens camera array with iSight modules, a rumored inclusion for "iPhone 8," would be a good fit for existing smartphone-powered VR headsets.

Finally, today's report notes Apple's refreshed "iPhone 7s" and "iPhone 7s Plus" models might be a bit thicker than existing 7 series handsets presumably due to the addition of advanced internal components. The increased thickness could make it difficult for current owners to use their iPhone 7 cases with the new smartphone.


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    Seems like the only thing that everyone agrees on is the vertical camera.
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    FatmanFatman Posts: 513member
    One of life's mysteries - flat, curved, stainless steel, virtual or real buttons ... My prediction ... it will be another stellar phone and there is a valid reason for the materials and design chosen for the final product.
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    fracfrac Posts: 480member
    "Most recently, a report citing supply chain insiders said "iPhone 8" would source a mildly curved OLED display from Samsung in order to cut down on engineering challenges. <b>Dramatically curved screens like those found in Samsung's Galaxy product line require identically curved glass cover units to accommodate the completed laminated display, a complex task that necessitates extra design and manufacturing steps.</b>"
    Er what? That doesn't sound very Apple_like. 
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    @mikeycampbell ;
    And the rest of AI journalist. Why can't you all collectively make a decision on a single nomenclature used to discribe the rumored iPhone 10th anniversary model? Your article is convoluted when it refers to the same exact model with different names. Aside, as a reader, I do appreciate your use of quotations marks around the unknown, rumored nomenclature. 

    Invision the year 2018, exactly one whole year after the release of Apple's iPhone 7s & 7s Plus, and their 10th anniversary model this Fall, do you find it probable that Apple will have intentionally f*#ked their standardized nomenclature, let alone damn their superlative marketing with two iPhones generational names (7s & 8) released simultaneously? The only rational way this could make any sense would be if the 2018 Fall iPhone offering had the same industrial design of this year's 10th anniversary model. There is very little rational that suggests Apple would dare call the 10th anniversary model "iPhone 8," so knock it off already. "iPhone Edition" as of now, mid-rumor cycle, makes so much more sense. Readers value commonsense. Well, at least I hope they do... 
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    I'm glad to read that the 7 Plus replacement will be getting slightly thicker, it is uncomfortably thin at the moment, unless you bung it into a case. The standard iPhone 7 dimensions seem almost perfect in my hand, but it doesn't come with that very useful dual lens setup. If they add a variation of the 7 Plus's dual lens camera to the 7s, I might seriously consider going for the smaller phone. I think the Edition is going to be unattainable for a very long time due to high demand and I don't have the patients to wait for it. As I really need to upgrade pronto, the battery on my current phone is worn out and even the battery case it now sits in isn't always enough. But I don't want to upgrade to a 7, when the 7s variations are only a few months away. This phone has got to last me a few years, I can't afford to upgrade every year and where I am they don't offer that either have to pay the full price up front in one go, or go the payments route usually 36 monthly ones which you have to complete. My Cellular company does offer that upgrade to a new phone every year option, but not to the latest models or with the higher memory capacities.
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    k2kwk2kw Posts: 2,077member
    Is there any proof that the iPhoneX will have a dual camera.  I'm thinking it will have just a single lens camera.   The dual lens will come the next year with the iPhoneXSPlus.

    What about will the iPhoneX support the pencil?
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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,552member
    That is a very elegant phone. 
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 889member
    I think it's insane that everyday, there are around 10+ sites with new iPhone rumors? 10 x 150, 1,500 more to go...
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member
    ManojOne said:
    I heard about new design in a couple of sites. Is it true ? or just another rumour ? The phone in pictures is more elegant than usual models. 

    It all rumors until they shows up in the store than it becomes real. I listen people who obviously hear about these rumors and they walk around telling people this is fact. The best part is when they argue about what is fact.
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    bigmikebigmike Posts: 266member
    I hope the glass doesn't finely scuff over time. I don't want to have to buy a protector – never liked them and the fact that they hid the phone design (why design something nice if you have to just cover it up??).

    Especially for the cost of these phones, they should have a built-in tiny edge, similar to some older models to protect the glass when laying it on a flat surface, which is most of the time.

    If anyone can elaborate on the glass, I'd like to hear. Cheers.
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