Why Apple should cater to 'serious' gamers - and why it probably won't



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    Quake 3 Arena is one of my favourite games ever.  Good times.

    I think the success and sales of games like the Mass Effect series, Skyrim and Witcher show that there is a big market for complex games with significant graphic demands.  Sure you can run them in Boot Camp.  But it is not the same.  And you have to buy and run windows.

    I am happy to play the demanding stuff on my PC.  I also wish that Apple got over the Jobs era "We hate games" philosophy for their desktop products and put a little bit of effort in that direction.  I love Steve Jobs and he still ranks as one of the coolest people of modern times.  Just because you are a true genius does not mean that your attitude in all things is always correct or that it cannot evolve as times change.

    I think that there is an opportunity here for Apple to expand GPU support in particular and while I am not an engineer, it does not seem so hard.  If you do not want to put a big cutting edge GPU in your computers, that is fine.  It keeps it cheaper, cooler and longer lasting for the 95%.  But how about some system support for an external box that can drive those higher frame rates on those gorgeous big monitors or HDTV's?  Then maybe some help to the gaming industry to port stuff over to Metal and Macs.  The film and video pros could put a workstation GPU in that external box and speed up their rendering/video editing/CAD apps running off a mac laptop for example.  How about allowing the external GPU box to then connect back to the iMac monitor so you can boost it's function.  That 5K monitor is great for viewing your photos off your iPhone but how about also ultra quality settings gaming.  

    The thing is that apple CPU's and monitors are cutting edge but their GPU use is too focused on battery life or your grandparents email needs (apologies to any octogenarian CS Go fans out there).  The reason I did not buy the recent MB Pro after 6 years of annual upgrades (up to 2013) is basically that I do not give a s*&t about battery life in my "pro" laptop.  I definitely care about battery life in my iPad and iPhone since those are my mobile devices used away from power sources.  My MacBook is my portable desktop and rarely not plugged in for more than 2-3 hours.  Who watches 2 movies on a plane on their laptop in the iPad age for gods sake.  It is not for me to second guess Apple I realize but I am pretty sure that I am not alone in wishing for a MBP with either a serious graphics card built in or an external GPU box easily connectable to the chassis in line with my external monitor.
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