Apple publishes new Earth Day videos explaining company's environmental efforts

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Apple has published a set of new videos commemorating Earth Day that explain clean energy technologies, Apple's own environmental protection efforts, and feature Apple employees and executives narrating and explaining the concepts behind the programs.

The video are produced with whimsical illustrations, rather than Apple's normal approach.

The first video addresses Apple's Head of Environmental Technologies Rob Guzzo discussing Apple's production of artificial sweat to test its wearables, like the Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Dan Whisenhunt, Apple's Vice President of real estate and development narrates the second video. Whisenhunt addresses Apple Park's natural ventilation and how the campus "breathes."

The third video covers Apple's goal of no waste, and re-use of iPhone assembly trays, and is voiced by John Reynolds iPhone Product Operations.

The fourth video covers Apple's solar philosophy, allowing for dual land use on the farms, such as the solar farm doubling as grazing land for yaks. The video is narrated by Apple Senior Vice President Lisa Jackson.

On Wednesday, Apple declared its intention to go to 100% recycling of its material at some point in the future -- but it remains not exactly sure how it will reach that ultimate goal. The company is also hanging special signage at retail commemorating the day.


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    frugalityfrugality Posts: 410member
    That's nice and all, but it would be better if the company were more interested in promoting righteousness.
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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,034member
    frugality said:
    That's nice and all, but it would be better if the company were more interested in promoting righteousness.
    Many would here would say that Apple needs to only care about the bottom line. Just look at the people that lose their shit when Apple tries to have better civil rights.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    OK, the "sweat" video was just gross.
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    analogjackanalogjack Posts: 1,073member
    The 'put the solar panels on a big stick' idea is silly. Sure the Earth is a sphere and the surface area increases with the square of the radius. With the radius already at 4,000 miles how high to you reckon the solar stick might need to be so that can be at  enough distance from the surface such that there's enough extra space left between them compared to if they were on the ground to make a difference? But it has a yak eating with with a fork and that is funny and makes me feel good. Yay, the Earth is saved.
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    Well, remember-
    Being Green is an admirable ambition.  However, for each iPhone Apple can successfully remove from RESALE in the open market. "Recycling" efforts like these, or designing a phone that bends, or shuts off when the battery reports 20% charge left is important to watch.   Each scenario (along with recycling those that continue to work) stands to force a First-World customer to buy at full-price.  Often from the Apple Store. 

    #FirstWorldProblems #FirstWorldProfits

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    Happy Earth Day Saturday April 22, 2017

    I would like people to hear the song and share it with others (please share - Copy and paste to your fav friends and family)

    Free Song Giveaway for Earth Day

    Free Video Download (from Vimeo)

    Best Wishes -Mr. Droste Tech/Music Educator

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    Good for them

    I'd be even more impressed if the UK Apple stores would accept our depleted or expanding batteries from MacBook Pro's and recycle them. Instead of telling us they are not interested in them
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