Apple Watch NikeLab to bring new band option in limited Apr. 27 launch

in Apple Watch edited April 2017
Apple and Nike on Thursday revealed a new edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch NikeLab, essentially a color variation on the Apple Watch Nike+.

The model combines a space gray Series 2 with a "Light Bone/Black" band, perforated for comfort like Nike+ options. The watch itself also maintains standard Nike+ features, such as a preloaded Nike+ Run Club app.

Notably the product won't be available at or at most Apple retail stores. When it launches on Apr. 27, people will instead have to buy it through, NikeLab doors, or a special Apple Watch pop-up store in Tokyo.

The only other distinguishing characteristic of the NikeLab Watch is a logo stamped on the inside of the band.

Pricing hasn't been announced, but models will presumably cost as much as the Nike+, which is $369 for a 38-millimeter model or $399 for 42 millimeters.

In March Apple began selling Nike bands separately, allowing regular Watch owners to try them. There's no indication yet that the NikeLab band will be sold the same way.


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    sflagelsflagel Posts: 703member
    I would love it if Apple continued the strategy of becoming a watch movement maker; allowing multiple brands to develop their distinctive watches with unique watch faces and bands. Like the Hermes and the Nike watches. At price points between $500 and $ 2,000 this seems possible. Especially since it is now clear that Apple won't change the design of the watches often, makes a larger investment possible. 
    Maybe the Edition and the Ceramics were just samples to gather data about market segments for third party watch makers?
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    larryalarrya Posts: 594member
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    I have the Volt/ Black one. This looks pretty sweet too.

    I just wish there was a Fluorescent Orange and Black combo strap to match my Air Max shoes! 

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    Apple has a great smart watch/fitness tracker that provides a great foundation as an exercise tracker.   But Nike offers just smoke and mirrors to make it an authentic exercise tracker.  Adding a different color band is an example.   Apple needs to add power to its exercise functions that Nike will not and cannot provide.

    I know a lot of serious amateur runners -- and they spend a LOT of money of their sport -- but not a single one uses Nike products...
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