How the technology behind Apple's Touch ID will likely change with 'iPhone 8'



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    EsquireCatsEsquireCats Posts: 1,268member
    The hum about the sensor is on par with every iPhone rumour ever. Yet every year apple somehow manage to ship even larger volumes. The only time anything close to this happened was with the white iPhone 4: what did apple do, they simply didn't ship it until it was what they wanted.

    Needless to say apple are not moving the sensor to the back, if they wanted to take that compromised direction they could have done it years ago.

    They don't do it because a sensor on the back means a few things:
    It's covered by recording rigs, car kits, sticky pads and wallets, and it's out of reach when laid flat on a table.
    It's in an awkward place for apple pay, no more tapping the phone like a wand.
    Adding any kind of protective case makes it even trickier to finger.
    But most simply: it takes away the ease of seeing the button, instead the phone must be flipped over or the button felt for - this isn't better.

    The only thing about using the new sensor technology is what apple are going to do about the sapphire covering, will the entire front have a sapphire cover? (Like the apple watch?)
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    airnerdairnerd Posts: 693member
    Will it be tough?  Sure. 

    If anyone can do it, it will be Apple.  If Apple can't figure it out then it isn't feasible, cost effective, or reliable. 
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,297member
    The problem is most of you people constantly demand change.  Apple has the nice fingerprint reader in the front but because of all the bitching due to people hating bezels on smartphones, Apple may have to try something else.  I'd rather keep the older TouchID since it's proven technology but whenever Apple uses the same thing for years there's always some demand for change because some other smartphone manufacturer does something else.  Is a minor loss of screen real estate really that big of a deal on a large smartphone?  Just a few years ago almost no smartphones had things like TouchID which is a wonderful security feature.  Sometimes, compromises need to be made.  I'd definitely prefer keeping the chin bezel if Apple can't perfect another type of TouchID.  However, I don't mind if TouchID is on the other side although I understand people complaining who have to mount their smartphones in a vehicle or such.

    I don't know what Apple should do if they can't perfect mounting TouchID under the display.  There's always knee-jerk reactions about how Apple can't do something when the tech-heads expect it to happen.  Too many people are always asking for greater miracles when smartphones are about as cutting-edge as any consumer device on the planet.  A chin-bezel is not the end of the world if Apple can't perfect a below-display fingerprint detection system.  Obviously, Samsung couldn't do it either.  Currently, maybe no company can do it accurately enough.  Technology isn't about, "Your every wish is my command."  New things may take a time to refine.
    Who is most of you people demand change? You mean FANDROIDS? The Apple haters?

    I just want a good, reliable phone. I could care less if it looks the same on the outside for a few years. Really how many different ways can you make a Rectangle phone with rounded corners? While being original and not copying someone else?

    I really don't have any issues with the Bezel's. I like the Home Button. That is what makes a iPhone look like a iPhone and not every other Android phone in the market. It does so much. Why to I want to take up screen space for a Virtual Home Button? I sure don't want TouchID o the back of the phone. I think what most people's issue with Samesungs S8 scanner is not that it's on the back, but it's off to the side of the camera and flash. So now you have your fingers all over the camera lens which can create blurry pictures. It works better for right handers and screws over left handers which I am one. That's 10% of the population.

    If Apple can't do it under the screen, that's fine by me, keep it where it is, don't do the dumb in the back of the phone!!! Say my phone is mounted in my car, the screen goes off and I want to do something like change the audio blog, now I can't easily turn on and unlock the phone. Somehow I have to get my finger onto the back of the phone. That sounds like fun. It's DUMB!!!! I'd be holding onto my iPhone 6 for a 4th year which is how long I held onto my iPhone 4 before that.

    What we have here is RUMORS. One RUMOR after another based on very little of anything. It's mostly all FAKE NEWS!!!
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,394member

    tshapi said:
    Hasn't it occurred to anyone.  Apple doesn't necisarilly rush products to market. 

    Apple is 5 years out. They still live by the motto the people don't know what they want til yiu hand it to them.  

    The main difference now, is Tim Cook drops teasers and hints about what that may be to keep the world looking forward to it. 

    Apple will release a major update for the iPhone.  If you pay attention to the rumor mill. This update for iPhone 8 started churning since even before iPhone 7 hit. 
    This update everyone is associating with iPhone anniversary probably has nothing to do with that 

    the declining sales of the iPad are a clear indicator that while people see value in the pocketable iOS devices they no longer see value in a larger piece of tappable glass.  I tend to agree with this...for the money a chromebook is a better buy for most people.  
    Opinion not fact. I believe ipad sales plateaued because they last so long and that their users love them. 

    My iPad 2 didn't last that long as a usable device.  My iPad mini got so slow I tried to get rid of it on Offer Up and found that there were legions of others trying to get rid of theirs.   Longevity doesn't mean sales decline in fact products that have value and last long ...people tend to buy more of them.   Chromebooks are slaughtering the iPad.  That's a fact. 
    I got about 4 years out of mine before I upgraded to an Air 2. Anecdotes! ¯\(°_o)/¯ 
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,394member

    That's by VENDOR 

    Of course Apple is going to be #1 they're the only one that makes Macs.
    You obviously missed this part (emphasis mine) "meaning Dell, HP, and Lenovo sold nearly 2 million Chromebooks in Q1 combined." 10 million iPads is more than 2 million Chromebooks, nobody was talking about Macs.
    No one will dispute that Apple still makes profits by the bushel but  lots of people are electing to 
    skip the latest iOS device.
    "lots of people"
    I for one think Apple is hopefully working on a web dominant device.
    You mean like the iPad?
    The web really is the future
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