eBay Mac Prices: Frustration



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    eds66eds66 Posts: 119member
    I have sold plenty of stuff on e-bay, including two Macs. But I have never bought anything on e-bay. Somehow e-bay has never been able to fully get my trust.

    My cousin, on the other hand, is heavily into numismatics. He has amassed an impressive rare coin collection, and he buys almost exclusively on e-bay.

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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    I've had some good success on eBay. Like many have said, be patient, but most of all, use your head. Know what your limit is and stick to it.

    eBay still is a risk though. And the stuff you get (especially electronics) can be dead on arrival. Personally I won't I won't take a risk on anything priced more than $200.
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