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    The only issue I have with your post is: "Amazon & EBay can sell products as well or better than any brick & mortar store".

    While Amazon offer's some excellent services like same-day delivery, free delivery on some items, recourse/returns, good prices, user ratings/answered questions. etc...  Often, Amazon prices are higher than local stick and stucco stores.  More and more I use the Amazon site to Showroom a product (determine it's capabilities, value, comps) then purchase the product at the local store.
    Could you elaborate on this "Amazon site to Showroom"? How does this work?
    Sure!  We had our redwood fence replaced and decided to keep some of the beautiful silver weathered boards for DIY upcycling. I have a Shopsmith & accessories in one bay of a 3-car garage. We power-washed, then stacked and stickersed ~300 board feet of 1"x6"x5' fence boards.  Lots of projects in the works -- rustic kitchen table, picture frames, coffee & end tables,  bathroom vanity, wood wall, outside furniture, planters, raised planter beds....

    Anyway I decided to buy some new tools to supplement the Shopsmith for the grandkids and me -- so far some tools (wheel sander, 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Miter Saw Stand, Finish Nailer, Jig Saw, rotary tool set...).

    So, I go to the Amazon site and:
    • search for a product, e.g. Compound Miter Saw
    • select a product that looks interesting
    • select Compare with similar items
    • review the customer ratings and questions to narrow the selection
    • select See more product details to refine the selection
    • rinse and repeat as necessary

    Then when I have it narrowed down to one or more choices, I go to the Lowes and Home Depot web sites to see how they compare (I may read their reviews, too)...

    If what I seek is currently available in-store, at the right price (including tax and shipping), I'll visit the store -- and usually buy a product after touchy-feely examination of the 
    various choices.

    Often, the stick & stucco stores will have specials: reduced price; included accessories; open box specials, etc.

    So, rather than driving around from store to store to review and choose products -- I do that online, then go to the physical store to actually choose/buy my choice... saving both time and money (including gas money)  -- getting store card credits and CC cashback rewards.

    I see. The initial impression I got from your choice of words was that you were using Amazon to make your purchase, but then the product would deliver to an "Amazon Showroom" somewhere. I thought Amazon had gotten into a new branch of retail sales I was not aware of.
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