Appleinsider - the evidence apple has lot its innovation?

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i have for a long time got increasingly bewildered at what appleinsider now chooses to cover as apple news.  If you have a look on the front page it is consistently about sales, stocks, this product has sold this much etc.  Now sure you could argue the results came out last night so fair enough today, it's new information. 

Yet, this is consistently the case. Gone are the days when there was countless stories of innovations that were coming, back four years ago this is what this site was full of.  Now it's about apples superiority in sales, profit and cash hoard.  

Is this evdience that actually, outside of those things there isn't much to talk about apple wise? It's a tragic state of affairs when a pair of headphones get coverage as innovation. 

Not it trying to flame, this is a legitimate question, i have visited this site for years but these days when I check I don't open articles, there isn't anything interesting technology wise being shared. 


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