Apple's Phil Schiller makes argument for screens on voice assistant devices like Amazon Ec...



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    k2kw said:
    gatorguy said:
    Well there you have it. Apple's home assistant uses a screen. 
    This would be the dumbest thing and if true indicates that Apple's SIRI would probably still suck.
    Not to mention we have that already, it's called an iPhone or an iPad ... or for that matter a Mac.
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    As the owner of a JBL On-Air, I *love* having a screen on my speaker. Even if it's just the clock it's useful, but the display of things like the show you're listening to on the radio is fantastic. And using AirPlay vs. Bluetooth is about one million times better.

    Of course, the Ob-Air doesn't actually *work*. It crashed about once a month, but much worse was the constant WiFi dropouts that would cause it to simply lose the connection and fail to reconnect. It didn't tend to happen while you were actually using it, but there was a 50/50 chance that you could start playing something on it when you tried.

    A big fixed On-Air with a microphone is something I would buy very quickly.
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    virtua said:
    What Phil is really saying is that this product already exists - it's an IPHONE, an IPAD and even APPLE TV.....oh did I forget to say MAC too lol

    this standalone rumour just sounds like rubbish.  
    Nevermind the fact that if a product of this category were coming from Apple in the near future, Phil Schiller would never be commenting on it like this right now. He would save this for after.

    This all but confirms that Apple isn't touching this space at all. Man, the rumor mill is a disaster this year. Not one concrete rumor about iOS 11, nothing but conflicting rumors about iPhone X, completely missed the mark on the new iPads Pro (remember that? Rumor sites sure don't), and now a complete blunder on predicting the device Apple has no interest in making.
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