Bloomberg updates Apple TV app with new UI, live dashboard & more

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Business news service Bloomberg on Wednesday launched an updated app for the fourth-generation Apple TV, with a slate of features such as a live data dashboard echoing its onscreen shows.

The new app includes a streamlined interface, also re-engineered to prioritize editorial and personalized content. The app will in fact offer suggestions based on previous clips viewed on the same device.

Some content collections in the update include "Top News," "Top Interviews," "Cars and Tech," and "Digital Originals."

The live TV dashboard displays changing contextual information. Bloomberg gave the example of an interview with Elon Musk, which would present news and data related to him, Tesla, and SpaceX. Pausing video would bring up related content.

Behind the scenes the new app allows for more targeted advertising, as well as sponsored content and partner branding. Viewers may also have to put up with pre-roll ads for on-demand video, and mid-roll ads during livestreams.

The updated app can be found through the tvOS App Store. If universal app downloads are enabled, people who download the matching iOS app will find it automatically appear.


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    rm1231arm1231a Posts: 1member
    The BB app on Apple TV is poor, with innumberal commercial interruptions while the “live” shows are ongoing, and the archive is always 2-3 days off if not weeks. Really a poor showing for bloomberg, which ordinarily produces high quality.
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